9 Things You Must Know About Memory Maker At Walt Disney World

Memory Maker is the newest feature of the Disney PhotoPass system. If you have visited the park in the past, you know that Disney has professional photographers throughout the parks to take your photo and that there are countless ride photos as well. When you purchase the Memory Maker, you are essentially purchasing digital copies of all of your vacation photos. Read on to learn more about Memory Maker!

9. There are photographers all over the place!

You may be wondering whether you will get enough pictures taken at Disney World to justify the cost of Memory Maker. Rest assured, you will get tons of photos! Disney photographers are located at all the classic photo spots (e.g. Cinderella Castle, Everest, Tree of Life), and often there are several photographers there so you don’t have to wait long. Photographers are also scattered throughout the park and there is almost always one nearby.

8. It costs less if you buy it ahead of time.

You can purchase memory maker at any time during your trip, but you will save money if you buy it in advance. If you purchase it at the advance purchase price, you will need to wait three days before photos can be included. If you know that you want Memory Maker, then it is worth it to buy in advance.

7. You can purchase it at any time during your visit.

You might be unsure about whether Memory Maker is for you. That’s ok! Just make sure that any photos you take are linked to your Disney account (with your MagicBand or PhotoPass card). Then when you decide that you want to purchase Memory Maker, all of the previous photos will be included.

6. You have the rights to all of your Memory Maker photos.

Your Memory Maker photos are just that – yours! You are able to download them from the Disney website and to print them as you wish. You will receive the digital rights to the photos.

5. The photos expire.

Your Memory Maker photos are yours for life, as long as you download them from the Disney website. Photos expire and are deleted from your account 45 days after they are taken. Make sure you download your photos so you don’t lose them!

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4. You can get ride videos.

While ride photos can be awesome, haven’t you always wanted to see yourself on video? Now you can! Memory Maker includes video footage for certain rides. If you’ve always wanted to see yourself shrieking on the Tower of Terror then you’re in luck!

3. You don’t need a magic band, but it helps.

Photos will be linked to your Disney account through your MagicBand or a PhotoPass card. While a MagicBand is not required, it is helpful. First of all, it is so quick to scan your band with the photographers, which means more time for rides! Also, some features, like on-ride videos, are only available if you have a MagicBand.

2. You can share photos.

One of the coolest things about Disney’s PhotoPass system is that you can share the photos in your account. You can set your preferences to share your photos with people on your Friends and Family list, so they can see your photos. They can do the same to share their photos with you. With Memory Maker, once a photo is shared with you, it becomes part of your Memory Maker and you can download it. This means that you only need to buy one Memory Maker, even if you have a large party! You just need to make sure that everyone in the party shares their photos with the friend or family member who has the Memory Maker linked to their account.

1. Make sure you link your ride photos!

If you have a MagicBand, ride photos might automatically be linked to your account if the ride detects your band. But just to be safe, or if you don’t have a MagicBand, make sure you link your ride photos to your account at the end of the ride. After most rides with photos, you will pass the sales center where you can see your ride photo on a tv screen. There will be a place to scan your MagicBand (or memory maker card) right near the screen. Do this while your photo is up and you’ll ensure that the photo makes it to your account.

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