A Two-Day Plan for Walt Disney World’s Epcot


Have two days to spend at Epcot? This park is always deserving of at least two days during a Disney trip (and maybe even more than two days if your trip falls during one of Epcot’s annual festivals). Follow these tips to see and do everything Epcot has to offer on your next Disney vacation:


1. Start the first day in Future World 

For your first visit to Epcot, plan to start the morning off in Future World. Here you can ride through the history of human communication within the park’s icon, Spaceship Earth, train for a mission to Mars aboard Mission: Space, travel around the world with Soarin’ Around the World, and so much more!

2. Book FastPasses for both days 

To avoid backtracking across the park, you may want to book your FastPass for Test Track (or use the single rider line if you do not mind being split up) for the late afternoon in case you decide to hop over to World Showcase. Test Track is right next to Mexico, so if you do not have time to get through much of World Showcase on the first day, this is a great place to start! Otherwise, choose your favorite Future World rides (or many Frozen Ever After since Norway is also near the entrance to World Showcase) and keep in mind that FastPasses will save you more time when they are used for a ride rather than a show. 

3. Make time for Future World’s underrated attractions

You can easily spend an entire day in Future World, and if you decide to do so you’ll need to make time for some of the less popular (but just as  exciting attractions). Living with the Land and the Seas with Nemo and Friends for instance are both vastly underrated and well worth the visit to learn more about each of these pavilions. Journey Into Imagination features the lovable Figment and the Magic Eye Theater next door is home to the Short Film Festival, both of which typically have low waits and are loads of fun. 


4. Don’t skip out on Future World’s snack scene

When you plan a trip to Epcot, you may be tempted to focus your snacking exclusively on World Showcase, but don’t forget about the snack scene in Future World. Sunshine Seasons has some of the best grab-and-go desserts and entrees around, and multiple Joffrey’s kiosks dot the edges of Future World. For one of the best Future World snacks, don’t miss the flavored popcorn cart located by the Land pavilion.

5. Start your second day with World Showcase

If you have time at the end of your first day, start on World Showcase. For efficiency’s sake, whichever side you start with on the first day should be where you end on the second day. So if you make it up to Norway for Frozen Ever After on your “Future World day,” start your next visit to World Showcase on the other side in Canada. World Showcase opens later than Future World, so if you get to the park early enough on your second day you may still have a couple of hours in Future World. 

6. Don’t skip the shops 

Lots of guests skip the shops around World Showcase if they aren’t planning on buying anything, but even if you’re just window shopping there are lots of details to explore. Peruse the Day of the Dead merchandise in Mexico, or shop for your favorite licensed character merchandise in Japan. The opportunities are endless and you’re sure to learn more about each of the countries just from visiting the shops.

7. Check the entertainment schedule

With only two rides (in Mexico and Norway), lots of your focus in World Showcase will be on entertainment, not only on the films in China and France but on the street entertainment you can find around World Showcase Lagoon. Don’t miss the Voices of Liberty, the a cappella group that performs daily in the American Adventure, and be sure to check your times guide or the My Disney Experience app for live performances and entertainment in each of the countries throughout the day.

8. Eat/drink around the world

If you’re 21 or older, Epcot’s World Showcase offers the chance to sip your way between countries (which is even more fun during events like the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival). If you decide to drink around the world, we recommend trying drinks you can’t typically have at home as you’ll be paying premium prices for them. Remember to stay hydrated and eat between drinks too! Eating around the world can be just as fun, with quick service restaurants and snack kiosks in each of the countries, and even more fun foodie offerings depending on the current festival. 

9. Stay for the fireworks 

End your day in World Showcase with the fireworks over World Showcase Lagoon. If your next trip falls before September 30, take in IllumiNations as it’s performed for its final run in Epcot. After September 30, experience Epcot Forever, a celebration of Epcot’s past and present. Whichever show you end up seeing, be sure to arrive early for the best viewing location, or plan a dessert party and have your spot saved for you ahead of time. 

About Brittany DiCologero

Brittany is a New England-based writer focused on the history of the Walt Disney World Resort. She is the author of "Red, White, and Disney: The Myths and Reality of American History at the Walt Disney World Resort," and "Brittany Earns Her Ears."