Aerial Photo Update of Epcot’s Future World Construction

Credit: @bioreconstruct Twitter

Epcot’s massive overhaul of Future World is well under way. With hopes for completion for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebration in late 2021, our fingers are crossed COVID-19 hasn’t put too much of a hold on progress. This former Future World area will now comprise of “neighborhoods” as previously shared here. Thanks to @bioreconstruct Twitter we are able to take a look at construction progress via aerial photos. Check out the photos and notes as shared below by @bioreconstruct on November 14.


Picture #1: “Aerial view of the demolition of Innoventions West.”

Picture #2: “Arrows in this aerial at new roof at Play Pavilion, and exterior in back; entrance of Space 220 restaurant; site of gift shop refurb,; counter service refurb; roofing and supports for Guardians of the Galaxy solar panels; and spaceship site.”

Picture #3: “Aerial overview of the construction (and demolition) in progress at EPCOT.”


Picture #4: “Aerial view of EPCOT.”

Picture #5: “Aerial overview of the EPCOT entrance plaza, where work continues on the signature fountain.”

Picture #6: “Aerial view of the current work on the EPCOT signature fountain. Zoom in, there’s texture on the sloping water surface.”

Credit: @bioreconstruct Twitter

Picture #7: “Aerial overview of the demolition of Innoventions West. Left arrow at openings to a basement. Right arrow where roof top lighting for Spaceship Earth will be transferred to trusses set up at ground level.”

Credit: @bioreconstruct Twitter

Picture #8: “Aerial view of demolition of Innoventions West. Yellow arrows at yellow mats that prevent dirt from entering EPCOT. Green arrow at equipment and lighting for removing roofing. Blue arrow at break areas, currently with tent frames over tables.”

Credit: @bioreconstruct Twitter

A big thanks to @bioreconstruct Twitter for keeping us updated on the Epcot construction from the skies!

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