Artist Adds ‘Star Wars’ Touches to Discarded Thrift Store Paintings

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Have you ever visited your local thrift store to find a large amount of discarded paintings that previously hung in someone’s home, but are now available at a cheap thrift store price? Well, this artist is bringing these old paintings back to life by adding Star Wars touches to them!


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As shared by Digg: Redditor DaveRuinsArt, proprietor of Arrowhead Vintage & Handmade Goods in Canton, Ohio, made excellent use of his quarantine time by adding Star Wars vehicles and characters to unsold thrift store landscape paintings.

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“I started making these designs because I owned a vintage store and had some really beautiful landscapes but I couldn’t sell for $5,” he explained in an email to Digg. “I think I had one for two years and was thinking about just throwing it away and keeping the frame but I decided to give it a shot and added an ATST that had fallen over with Ewoks fishing off of it.”


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His viral paintings have been a blessing, he notes, as the coronavirus has been a challenge to his business.

“All the positive love from Reddit [has] been really good,” he said. “I’m overwhelmed right now because I’m immunocompromised and can’t hire anyone to work so it’s going to be a fun challenge to keep up but I’m so glad to have work right now. This all couldn’t have come at a better time!


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