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This Disney Park Has Been Closed Since Halloween

Disney vacations are full of new experiences, fun adventures, and that one-of-a-kind Disney magic. Upon visiting a Disney Park, Guests would never think they would end up trapped inside. But at Shanghai Disney Resort a couple of weeks ago, that’s precisely what happened. RELATED: Guests Are Noticing More Ride Breakdowns Than Usual at Disney Parks On October 31, around 11:39 ...

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VIDEO: Sweet Nana is Cleared for a Disney Visit After Four Heart Surgeries

Whether visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or EPCOT, Walt Disney World is characterized by that one-of-a-kind Disney magic. RELATED: Heartwarming Video Shows ‘Star Wars‘ Fan’s Reaction to Seeing Galaxy’s Edge for the First Time While Disneyland Resort is hailed as ‘the happiest place on Earth,’ Walt Disney World Resort is rightfully known as ‘the most magical place on ...

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Disney Has Scrapped Margot Robbie’s Female-Led ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Film

Apparently, there’s little room for women in a film franchise where ‘dead men tell no tales’ if the fate of the recently announced Pirates of the Caribbean spinoff installment is anything to go by. RELATED: Which Attractions Should Be Made Into Disney Parks Movies Next? Margot Robbie, the Australian actress who’s given dazzling performances in independent films and summer blockbusters ...

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Did Disney Just Hint at the Return of ‘Happily Ever After’ Fireworks?

A recent announcement from the official Walt Disney World Cast and Community Facebook has fans wondering if a beloved fireworks show will be returning to Magic Kingdom. RELATED: Video Shows Firework Launch Platform on Fire After EPCOT Harmonious Yesterday, Disney shared a notice to Facebook, warning Magic Kingdom‘s neighbors of some late-night fireworks testing starting Saturday, November 12, and lasting ...

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Disney World Adds Fantasmic! Showtimes to Accommodate Crowds

By now, it’s probably considered old news that Fantasmic! has finally reopened at Hollywood Studios. The crowds that have gathered to watch the iconic nighttime spectacular have been nothing short of massive, and Disney has definitely noticed. RELATED: Cast Members React to Seeing Fantasmic! For the First Time Since 2020 Despite the large crowds, Guests have pointed out that standby ...

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Loungefly’s Newest Additions Will Take You to ‘A Whole New World’

loungefly's newest additions

Anyone who grew up watching Disney princess movies can remember how magical, romantic, and idealistic the films made audiences feel. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (1992) dazzled audiences with her beautiful turquoise outfit, headstrong personality, and love of romance. If Princess Jasmine is one of your favorite Disney princesses, then you’re sure to love Loungefly’s latest additions as much as she ...

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Do You Have “Horrible Luck With Kids Getting Sick” at Disney World? You’re Not Alone!

Nurse mickey in front of the carousel

Between Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT, Walt Disney World hosts a lot of Guests from many all over the world every single day. With so many people crammed into these magical theme parks, touching the same merchandise and holding onto the same railings, it’s not hard to imagine catching a cold after visiting. RELATED: The Disney Snacks ...

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5 Different Ways to Re-Theme Disneyland’s Adventureland Treehouse

adventureland treehouse

By now, you’ve probably heard about the new theming that Disneyland Resort’s Adventureland Treehouse is receiving, or should we say ‘returning to?’ Yes, the classic Adventureland Treehouse is moving away from its Tarzan (1999) theme and returning to its Swiss Family Robinson (1960) origins with a new twist. If you feel that the Adventureland Treehouse could receive something a little ...

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