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Sarahfina is an author, and adjunct professor with a passion for writing and of course, all things Disney! Cinderella is her favorite princess and movie, both the animated and Rodgers & Hammerstein’s 1997 version. In close second place is Hercules, tied with Saving Mr. Banks. Sarahfina enjoys writing about the history of Walt Disney and all the parks, along with food, dining, and resorts. Her favorite ride is the Tower of Terror, and her favorite restaurant right now is the San Angel Inn, in EPCOT. Most importantly, her must-have snack every Disney trip is the controversial turkey leg, because it reminds her of her family trips as a kid with her grandparents.

Things You’ll Never Believe Existed in Disney

Sleeping beauty Castle

Do you ever wonder what the early days of walking through a Disney Park were like? Did Main Street, U.S.A., always smell like baked goods? Was a Mickey ice cream bar a popular snack back in the day? Did it even exist during the opening? Fun facts like Disney California Adventure once started as a parking lot, and where Walt ...

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Best Happy Hour Spots in Disney Springs

Disney Springs

After a long day (or days) at the Park, sometimes you need an afternoon to unwind. Disney Springs offers the right amount of fun, food, shopping, and relaxation. Depending on what you want, there is something for every family member. If you’re like me, you enjoy taking one day out of your trip to see everything other than the Disney ...

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Must Have Disney World Snacks

Mickey Shaped Snacks

There is no smell quite like the freshly baked cookies seemingly flowing through the air as you walk down Main Street, U.S.A. The delicious smells of Disney are one of the many hugs you receive walking through the parks. Disney is known for some one-of-a-kind best snacks that you can’t find anywhere else. Luckily, some can be found at Walt ...

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Disney’s Pixar Is in Trouble

Toy Story toys running across street under cones

Fan favorite animators of Toy Story (1995) and CoCo (2017) could be facing a new challenge after the third round of layoffs in The Walt Disney Company. Companywide layoffs, which began on March 27, 2023, have ended. Just ahead of summer, Disney released 7,000 employees. Pixar employees are among those let go. Pixar was acquired by Disney in 2006, and ...

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