Behind the Scenes Interview for Disney Enchantment

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Disney Tips was able to interview Mark Renfrow, Show Director of Disney EnchantmentHe said this is an immersive show that is a firework show first. If you love fireworks, you can go anywhere in the Magic Kingdom and appreciate them. If you want to see what’s new about this and want to see these projections literally jump off the Castle and eventually work their way down Main Street, U.S.A. for the first time ever. It used to feel like if you were all the way down close to the train station that you were removed but not anymore. Characters and sounds literally leave the Castle, cross the Hub and travel all the way down Main Street, U.S.A.. It happens from a specific time, but you’re immersed in the magic and the story from that point on. He said anywhere is good, but this is the kind of show you can watch multiple times and see things differently depending on where you are.

credit: Disney

credit: Disney

If you’re someone who has then seen it two or three times, you should see it from different areas, and anywhere up front is fine. He said for him personally, as much as he loves the moving projections down Main Street, U.S.A., there’s something about being close to the Castle, and the power of that. He said that is just his personal opinion, though. He got to see a sneak peek of the brand new show from all the way down by the train station, and he was thrilled about how exciting it was even from that far away.


Mark said that this show is 50 years in the making. This is something that is finally culminated. He was asked if Guests have a time frame on when they need to see the show by, and he said there is no end time on this. He said it is going to go as long as the Guests like it. As far as he’s concerned, he thinks it will be around for a while.


With a show like Disney Enchantment, it’s all about magic, so you’re going to see nods in different ways from shows that have come before it. He said I love everything that has been here before and know that the Guests do as well. Disney put purposefully little moments like Easter eggs, that touch the heart. He explains that if it touched the heart before, why not try that again? It just might be different. There will be moments, even musically, in the score that will be audio Easter eggs. If you know the shows inside and out, keep your ears open, you might hear a little not as well.

There are things that you always expect from a Disney Spectacular. He explains how everything you expect is going to be there. What is new is how immersive it is, so get ready for that. Part of this journey of Disney Enchantment is to think of the word enchantment. It’s something that happens to you, so everyone will walk away with that. The theme song is You are the Magic, and it will awaken something inside of everyone. He explains that he thinks that they are literally giving a gift to someone or unlocking something. It is an empowering show, and when everyone leaves, they will leave a little different than when they came in.

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