Best Friends to Appear in Disney Blockbuster Sequel?

Curella with two dalmations
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Rumors are rife right now about a Disney sequel that is getting fans hot under the collar.

We are talking about Disney’s 2021 crime comedy, Cruella. Successful at the box office and loved by fans, Disney has been working on a sequel since the beginning of the year.

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If the rumor is right, Disney has been making moves to be ready to film, with an unexpected twist on the cards.

Disney’s Cruella, starring Academy Award winner Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, tells the story of legendary Disney villain Cruella De Vil.  Set in 1970s London, with a backdrop of the punk and rock revolution that swept through the city,

Stone plays young grifter Estella, and the movie tells the tale of how a penniless orphan becomes the sinister and revenge-bent Cruella De Vil, first introduced to audiences in 1961s One Hundred and One Dalmatians.

Cruella 2 has been confirmed for over 6 months, but Disney execs have been tight-lipped on the storyline and who has signed on to make the sequel. But, with the latest news, that might have just changed.

Rumors are popping up all over social media that Emma Stone has signed up for the sequel, but that’s not what’s getting fans most excited.

The big news is that Disney is planning the Cruella sequel to be a musical. The huge news is that they want Taylor Swift to be cast in the sequel, and Swifties have been going crazy.


This is all conjecture right now, but for many fans, there’s one reason why this makes perfect sense.

Emma Jones and Taylor Swift are bestie and have been for over a decade.

Taylor Swift and Emma Stone’s friendship goes way back.

Friends taking a photo together


Having first met in 2008, Swift supported Emma Stone at her Easy A premiere in 2010, and Stone returned the favor by attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

When asked about her friendship with Swift, Emma Stone answered:

“She’s a wonderful friend. She blows my mind,”

The idea of the upcoming sequel Cruella 2 as a musical has divided fans, but if that means Emma Stone and Taylor Swift team up, fans are unanimous. Yes, please.

Would Taylor play a villain? Would she be creating the music for the soundtrack?

It’s not out of the realms of possibility with Emma Stone’s history with musicals, having given an award-winning performance in La La Land.

If a business insider were to leak that Lady Gaga is about to sign, I think it would break the internet.

The Cruella 2 musical it has a ring to it.

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