Best Quiet Pools in Walt Disney World Resorts

Feature pools are always a hit at Walt Disney World Resorts. They’re often huge, crowded, and they make quite an impact with their theming and features, like water slides. But what if you’re looking for a Disney pool that’s a little more subtle, where you can relax without all the crowds at a feature pool?  

This is where Disney’s leisure or quiet pools come in. Quiet pools are designed for relaxation, and they’re smaller (and quieter, as the name suggests) than feature pools. They’re also not as thematically splashy as their larger counterparts, and they don’t have waterslides, which means you won’t find as many kids using them (though kids are allowed). Here are a few of the most memorable quiet pools at Disney World Resorts.

Dunes Cove Pool

You may have heard of a little feature pool called Stormalong Bay – it’s the undisputed champion when it comes to pools in Walt Disney World, and that’s where most Guests spend their Resort time if they’re staying at Disney’s Yacht Club or Beach Club Resort.

As a result, a lot of Guests aren’t even aware that Dunes Cove Pool exists. This quiet pool can be found in the Disney Beach Club Villa section of the Resort (and it’s open to all Resort Guests staying at these sister Resort Hotels, not just Guests staying at the Villas) if you’re looking for a quiet poolside escape, head here!

Quiet Pools at Magnolia Bend

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside boasts a total of five quiet pools for Guests to enjoy. Two are located in Magnolia Bend, and they’re so similar it won’t matter which you visit. Both are framed not only by the gorgeous colonial architecture of the southern plantation-style buildings you can stay in here but also by lush foliage.

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But the best part of the Magnolia Bend leisure pools (aside from the serenity)? It’s the sight of the formal columns and arches that grace one end of each pool – reflected in the water; they transform the pools into spectacles of pure elegance. When we stayed at Port Orleans Resort – Riverside, I had to be dragged away from the quiet pool every day!  

Courtyard Pool

The flagship Resort Hotel at Walt Disney World is Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and as anyone who has set foot in the spectacular lobby can attest, it’s glorious. So it’s no surprise that the quiet pool here, Courtyard Pool, is a step above the rest.

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It’s secluded enough from the rest of the Resort to lend it an air of peace, but it’s adjacent to Courtyard Bar, so it’s perfect for enjoying some poolside drinks or snacks. With the impressive Victorian stylings of the Grand Floridian as its backdrop, and bubbling fountains at one end of the pool to keep things interesting, this is a wonderful place to while away a sunny afternoon.

Congress Park Pool

Guests staying at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa have five different pools to choose from, and by far, the quietest is Congress Park Pool. There’s nothing flashy about it, which is maybe why it’s rarely crowded, making it a great choice for some quality leisure time.  

It enjoys a lovely sunny spot, with a barbeque grilling and picnic area, for Guests who want to prepare own their food. It also boasts a view across the water of Disney Springs – in case you need some inspiration deciding where to dine!

Cozy Cone Pool

Though it features theming that’s much more “Disneyfied” than other quiet pools, there’s a lot to love about Cozy Cone Pool at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. It’s located in the Cars section of the Resort, so characters from the animated film appear here, but relaxation still reigns here.

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The orange cone-shaped structures around the pool from which it gets its name are cabanas that you can book for your family if you want to enjoy some time in the shade. And the best part? Cozy Cone Pool’s cabanas are free, unlike the more kitted-out cabanas at some Disney World Deluxe Resorts!

Bay Lake Pool

There’s nothing better than a pool with a view! And Disney’s Contemporary Resort is all about the views, whether you’re looking for expansive panoramas across WDW property or the ever-impressive sight of the Disney Monorail as it zooms through the Contemporary Resort’s lobby all day long. 

For several reasons, Guests here will love Bay Lake Pool (also called Bullseye Pool, because of the bullseye-patterned pool bottom). First, it’s perfectly round, which is rare for a Disney World pool. It also has a fabulous view of Bay Lake, making it the perfect place to stop and unwind.  

If that’s not enough, you can rent a cabana that comes with some excellent bells and whistles (including a flat-screen tv, complimentary drinks, and a fruit basket).

Bottom Line

Sometimes, a Guest wants to chill by (or in) a pool without music blaring or pool games going on – and this is where Walt Disney World’s quiet pools shine! Many Disney Resorts have several quiet pools scattered around the Resort grounds so that you won’t have too far to go to enjoy some relaxing pool time. Whether you’re staying at a Disney Deluxe Resorta Moderate Resort, or a Value Resort, there’s a peaceful quiet pool that beckons you to kick back and relax.

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