Big Changes Coming To Walt Disney World’s My Disney Experience App

According to several unofficial fan sites the My Disney Experience app is about to get a whole lot more useful.

New features to be released include navigation inside the parks, but it can also guide you any on Walt Disney World Property.  Including help with navigating transportation options, including bus, monorail and watercraft. It will even give you an estimate of time required to get to your destination.


Eight Things You Must Know About the My Disney Experience App by Paula

Smartphones and tablets have become part of our daily lives. “There must be an app for that” is more than just an expression, it’s become a reality. My Disney Experience is the official app that you’ll want for your Walt Disney World vacation. You should have “location” enabled on your device to get the most out of it. The app is far from perfect; it tends to be slow, it eats up a lot of battery life, and it won’t always load. Some guests choose to uninstall it once their vacations are over because it also takes up a fair amount of space. Still, it is a handy tool, designed to make your day in the parks even better. Here are eight reasons why you’ll want it.

8) Lots of Extras

The My Disney Experience app helps with the extra things that you might not have thought about ahead of time. If you want some extra cash, you can find the location of the nearest ATM. If your three-year-old needs a restroom immediately, they’re all listed on the app. If you’re leaving Disney’s Animal Kingdom and can’t decide if you want to end the evening at Epcot or Magic Kingdom, check the park hours on the app. Lost? There is a map that includes all of Walt Disney World. Those are just a few of the extras that you’ll have at your fingertips.

7) Show Times

Thinking about grabbing lunch, but your kids are scared that they’ll miss a show? That’s not a problem with the My Disney Experience app. You can check when the next show is, and also see the entire schedule for the day. The app makes it easy to plan which shows you want to see and when.

6) Characters

Meeting as many characters as possible is an important part of many Walt Disney World vacations. My Disney Experience makes it easier. You can find out where the character greetings are and when. You can also find the closest characters to your current location. You’ll spend less time looking for characters and end up with more priceless memories if you use the app.

5) Menus

Hungry? The My Disney Experience app can help you figure out what to order. You can view the menus for all of the Walt Disney World restaurants, which will help you to decide the best place to eat and what to order ahead of time. Once you arrive at the restaurant you can order right away, which means that you’ll be eating faster. That’s less time wasted on your vacation.

4) Dining Reservations

The app not only allows you to see menus, there is also an option to make dining reservations. You can make them 180 days in advance, so there’s no need to try to log onto your computer to get a must try restaurant. You can also make last minute reservations from the app. If you arrive at a park and don’t know where to eat, pass the time in line by seeing what restaurants have openings and when. You’ll also be able to easily see your reservation time so that you won’t be late.


3) FastPass+ Reservations

FastPass+ allows you to book three rides or attractions per day ahead of time. Disney resort guests have a 60 day window, while it’s 30 days for all other guests. With My Disney Experience, you can make those reservations from your smartphone. You’ll be able to see what is available and book your must dos, even if you’re standing in line at the grocery store or taking a quick break at work. You don’t need access to a computer in order to grab some FastPass+ reservations.

2) Change FastPass+

It is easy to change your FastPass+ times and experiences from the My Disney Experience app. If you’re waiting in line for Space Mountain and realize that you won’t be off in time for your Buzz Lightyear FP+ window, just open the app and change the Buzz Lightyear time. Have a reservation for Expedition Everest but no one wants to ride after they see the hill? Change the experience to It’s Tough to Be a Bug. You can make all the necessary changes through the app. If your vacation plans change you can cancel your reservations from the app as well.

1) Wait Times

There are many Wait Time apps out there. Don’t you want to use the one that has the official Disney wait times? It’s easy to check to see which rides have the shortest lines, and also what the wait times are at the attractions closest to where you are standing at that moment. The app will help you to decide whether or not it’s worth it to walk across Epcot to Test Track if you just finished watching Impressions de France. No one wants to wait in long lines, and My Disney Experience will help to cut down on your waits. The most current information will be right there at your fingertips.

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Rick visited the Magic Kingdom in 1971 for the first Christmas parade in their history. At nine years old, he was bitten by the Disney Bug. He can still remember the sights, the smells, and the sounds. It truly was magical. It would be twenty years before he could afford to take his young family back to “The World.” It was the vacation of a lifetime, and they have been fortunate to go hundreds of times since. His daughters, now grown, still tear up when they see the castle (as does he).