Blizzard Beach: Top 5 Attractions

Credit: Disney Tips

Christy Caby

Blizzard Beach is an amazingly fun waterpark, and really one of the best waterparks that you will find. Disney takes their love of theming and magic into their waterparks, and made Blizzard Beach an over the top, magical place to enjoy water fun. The story of Blizzard beach is that a huge blizzard hit Florida. They decided to build a ski resort, which would be a unique find in sunny Florida. Once it was build, the snow melted and created the water fun that we all know and love today. It may be a ski resort that is melting, but the attractions are sure to keep you cool and refreshed in the sun and heat. Here are the top 5 attractions to experience at Blizzard Beach:


5. Toboggan Racers

Ready to challenge your family and friends to a friendly race? This 8-lane downhill waterslide is a fun race to enjoy for everyone. You will experience a 250-foot long race with a few dips along the way to help build your speed and maybe catch a little air time. You race down on your stomach, on one of the mats provided. The first one to the bottom wins. Think you can be the fastest?

4. Downhill Double Dipper

So you are still in the racing mood, eh? Well this one is a bit of a blind race. Grab your inner tube climb to the top. You and your fellow racer will be able to go when the gate moves out of your way. You slide through a 50 foot tube and the first person to reach the bottom wins. The blackout tubes are the first part of the course and then you blast out and finish the course under the flags. Your time will be displayed once your reach the bottom. You can work to set new personal records each time you slide, or challenge your family to the race! It’s a lot of fun and a fun slide with a big drop!

3. Teamboat Springs

Ok, so we have had a few races and enjoyed the competitive thrill, but there is something to be said about working together and enjoying co-operative family time, too. Teamboat springs is a very large (actually one of the world’s longest) raft slides. Up to 6 members of your family/friends can fit in a single raft, and enjoy a 1,200 foot long white water rafting experience. You never know which way the raft is going to turn, who is going to catch the most splashes from the waves and just how fast you are going to go. You better all hold on and get ready for an unpredictable adventure!

2. Slush Gusher

This one won’t be suitable for the smaller members of your party with the 48” height requirement, but it’s one that you won’t want to miss! Slush Gusher is a 90 foot slide with nothing under you as you slide down 2 different hills along the drop. You will definitely feel some air time during this drop, before you slight into the landing zone. It’ll have you running back up to experience over and over again. It’s high-speed and so much fun if you dare. Hopefully your bathing suit is still on when you reach the bottom! If you do manage to survive Slush Gusher, then the next attraction may be up your alley….


1. Summit Plummet

Are you ready for the big kahuna? Summit Plummet is almost a completely vertical drop! It has been named one of the tallest and fastest slides in the world that you can experience with no mat or tube, and only your body sliding down the slide. This is definitely only for big kids, teens and adults, as it is a very intense ride. The almost vertical drop is a 12 story drop that is partially in the open and partially through a dark tube as you slide into the landing run. You will be able to see your slide time so you can try to improve your “ski jump” time each time that you slide. This is the ultimate attraction for those of you out there who are thrill-seekers and love the freefall feeling!

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