Star Wars Resort Experience Possbily Coming to Walt Disney World

We have received word from WDW News Today that guests are being polled about the interest in a Star Wars resort experience at Walt Disney World.  The experience would be a luxury experience that would be designed like you are staying on a star ship from Star Wars.  This “resort” would also be attached to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The poll is through and includes concept art and details about the experience.


Here is what we know about the expected events and experiences that would be available:

  • 2-night immersive Star Wars experience.
  • Personal character interactions with live performers, similar to “streetmosphere” interactions at other Disney parks.
  • Personal interactions with popular Star Wars characters.
  • Unique story experience, which will develop over the duration of the stay.
  • Unique programs to enjoy while on the star ship.  All are personalized and completely themed to be as real as possible:
    • Flight training
    • Lightsaber training
    • Ship tours and exploration
    • Secret Missions

Here is what we know about the resort and accommodations that would be available:

  • Room accommodations for up to 4 guests in a room.
  • Interactive views in the rooms.
  • All meals included.
    • Breakfast and lunch would be buffets.
    • Dinner would be a Disney Signature Dining event.
  • Resort amenities that include:
    • Pool
    • Fitness area
    • Cantina area for snacks outside of meal times
    • Robotic droid butlers
  • Themed entertainment and dinner shows
  • Exclusive park admission to the Star Wars land area of Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The experience is expected to be priced around $900 – $1000 per guest.  We would expect that the experience would go up in price around peak seasons and holidays, too.

This is only a survey, currently, but it appears that Disney is pretty serious about this possible experience given the concept art and the effort put into polling guests to help determine experiences, price points, etc.  We really hope that we get to see this “resort” come to fruition, since this experience seems to be nothing short of amazing.

How many of you would book the experience if you could?  This one seems worth the money!

Photo and Source Credit: WDW News Today


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