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Cast Members Talk About How Their Culture Inspires Their Work Across Disney

As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month, Mimi Fong shares with Disney Parks Blog stories of a few Cast Members. Here’s what she said:


“As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month, honoring the communities’ cultures and contributions to the United States, we are thrilled to share the stories of a few of the talented cast members behind your favorite products, books and games. Keep reading for some inspiration you won’t want to miss!

At Disney Consumer Products, Games and Publishing, we are dedicated to developing unique, compelling products that reflect the diversity of fans and families around the world. Our commitment to inclusion is driven by the incredible diversity of Disney’s talented employees and cast members, who are responsible for creating authentic and unforgettable products and experiences that capture the imaginations of generations of people everywhere.

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Rocío Cintrón, Product Design Manager for Disney Preschool, shared how she infuses her background into the work she does, which allows her to learn and celebrate other cultures as well. 

“I support and consult on projects that celebrate the unique cultures of Latin America. Most recently, I had the opportunity to consult on toys inspired by the upcoming Walt Disney Animation Studios film, “Encanto.” I also love celebrating other cultures. I worked on “Mira, Royal Detective” toys, which highlight the vibrancy of Indian culture, which was special because it reminded me a lot of my Mexican culture – both are colorful, musical and have yummy food! We all really have more similarities than differences.” Rocío said. 

No doubt about it, Rocío; food is the universal language, after all! Speaking of yummy food, Rocío’s favorite Disney treat at the Parks is a churro, a traditional Mexican dessert. Rocío also shared that her favorite ride at Disneyland is Mad Tea Party because the teacups are “colorful and sweet,” and she has had the opportunity to work on “Alice’s Wonderland Bakery” toys.

In describing her favorite Disney character, Rocío explained that she is drawn to Ariel’s passion and dedication as well as the fact that she lives in two different worlds, stating, “I [also] celebrate two places and two cultures at once – being Latinx, but also being American.” 

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Sidney Leon, Allocator for Global Product Creation, is committed to advocating for inclusivity and collaboration to ensure that meaningful and impactful stories that resonate with guests are brought to life through her work. 

“Coming from a Mexican background, I am passionate, opinionated, driven and detail-oriented, and I feel that I carry these traits into my work. I try to assure that others have what they need and feel comfortable to speak up and share their opinions. I also am part of a larger team working to ensure fans and families around the world feel represented by our products and experiences,” Sidney said. 

What is Sidney’s favorite attraction at Disneyland? “I love Space Mountain. I have a deep fascination for the universe and learning about its origins,” she said. 

Space is a mysterious place, and Sidney said that attractions like Space Mountain show her that through the ever-changing universe, we all play a part in the direction of our own world. “The magic starts from within, by sharing our opinion and talking about our backgrounds.” Sidney said. She expressed that in order to learn more about the universe, we must first learn more about each other. 


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Mariana Vaca, Assistant Manager on the Communications team, shared her pride for working on inclusive and representative products and experiences. “When people enjoy a product, they’re choosing a physical item that represents who they are. It is a privilege to work on the Consumer Products, Games and Publishing team and be part of the fan’s journey as they find merchandise, books, games, and more that makes them feel seen and allows them to express who they are.”   

Mariana also said she has found collaborating with other cast members to be incredibly impactful. “I’ve been able to connect with a number of people at Disney with shared experiences like having immigrant parents, growing up in a non-English-speaking household, and other moments that many multicultural folks can relate to,” she said. 

Additionally, Mariana enjoys sharing the magic of Disney with relatives. “Going to Disneyland with my family has always felt special. I’m the oldest of my cousins, and the only one who doesn’t live in Mexico, so I’ve been lucky enough to join many first-time Disney trips,” she said. 

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Isaac Ramos, who manages products across connected consumer platforms, prides himself on being what he refers to as, “first-generation corporate.” He feels it is important to remain authentic and true to who he is in the workplace and foster a community.  

Isaac integrates his own Mexican culture into his work through his approach to leadership. “I think I’m good at leading a team because a part of my culture is leading a family, so I get to weave that into my role,” he explained.

Be sure to check out this month to see full spotlights on these amazing cast members and stay tuned for more inspirational content tied to Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month when you follow along at #HispanicLatinxHeritageMonth.”


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