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The Best Disney Bar That No One Talks About


Exploring Walt Disney World Resort is no small feat. With four theme parks, two Water Parks, Disney Springs, 25 plus Resorts, and roughly 400 dining options… the massive Disney bubble is an explorer’s dream come true. Hidden gems are our favorite which leads us to share the secret of our pick for the best Disney bar that no one seems ...

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The Disney Dude Ranch That No One Talks About


This here is the wildest ride in the wilderness! Well, it’s not Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but there are geysers, the Old West, and goats! If you are aching to explore America’s beauty beyond Walt Disney World in Florida or Disneyland in California, then Adventures by Disney just might be your thing. Not many people are aware that beyond the ...

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The Gross Reason Disney World’s Liberty Square Has No Bathrooms


If there’s one thing Disney Parks are famous for, it’s their well-thought-out design. Things like the forced perspective used with Cinderella Castle have become common knowledge among hardcore Disney fans. But there are some other oddities throughout Walt Disney World Resort (and Disneyland Resort). One of the lesser-talked-about lands of Magic Kingdom is Liberty Square. Much attention is always given ...

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The Best Disney Restaurant No One Talks About


If you’re a fan of Disney and love to eat… well, we have much in common! When visiting Walt Disney World Resort, however, did you know there are roughly 400 Walt Disney World dining choices to select from to eat? 400! How does one choose? From kiosks and quick-service dining to table-service restaurants and signature dining experiences, there is no ...

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Universal Orlando Receives Minimal Penalty After Gruesome Workplace Injury

Universal City Walk

Employees are always at risk from workplace accidents, especially in industrial kitchens. When these accidents happen, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) investigates to ensure that they don’t happen again and that all workers are safe. However, after the investigations are complete, it is up to OSHA to determine what actions should be taken by the employers to protect ...

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Universal Takes Aim at Disney’s Fireworks

Disney Universal Fireworks

For decades, Walt Disney World Resort was considered the ultimate Florida vacation destination, and to many, it still is. However, that does not mean that it is the only theme park to vacation at in the Sunshine State. In fact, Disney has some serious competition from the Universal Orlando Resort, which is only about 20 minutes away from Disney World. ...

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The Weird Disney World Secrets That No One Talks About

Secret Character Sightings Spot

Wow, has Walt Disney World got a lot of strange but wonderful secrets! We all love to learn new facts and stories about Walt Disney World, from the amazing shape of Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park to the best way to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks. There are so many hidden Mickeys, attraction tricks, and dining tips across Magic Kingdom, ...

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Official: Iconic Universal Orlando Ride Closes its Doors

Island Adventure

Universal Orlando Resort, a major player in the theme park industry, offers an immersive entertainment experience that rivals even the legendary Disney World. This expansive resort comprises two theme parks: Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, one water park, Universal’s Volcano Bay, and a nighttime entertainment complex, Universal CityWalk. Universal Orlando Resort is also in the process of ...

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Walt Disney’s Housekeeper Died with an Amazing Secret

Split screen - Young Walt on one side, grown up Walt on other

Throughout his life, Walt Disney taught all of us to live our dreams. He passed that belief on to everyone around him, and it continues to live on through Disneyland and his final dream, Walt Disney World. The Housekeeper Disney was also incredibly generous to those around him, none more so than the Disney Family’s live-in housekeeper, Thelma Howard. But Howard’s ...

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