Water Parks

Blizzard Beach vs. Typhoon Lagoon – Which To Choose?

The heat is here, and that means it’s time to slip into a swimsuit and hit up a Disney water park. However, many people are a bit stumped when they find out Disney actually has two water parks. How are they supposed to choose between two equally amazing places? Honesty, this is a hard decision even for us, the Disney ...

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10 Best Ways to Keep Cool at Walt Disney World

If you have the flexibility, visiting Walt Disney World in the winter months is your best way to escape the Florida heat. But if the summer months are the only time your schedule allows a visit, or you end up with 90-degree days in November (which happens!), you don’t have to be hot and miserable. Read below for the 10 ...

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8 Things To Know About The Minnie Van Service At Walt Disney World

The Minnie Van Service is a newer service at Walt Disney World that was designed to give guests a paid transportation option besides taking a taxi or using the free bus, monorail or boat transportation on property.  Here are 8 things that you definitely need to know about this new transportation option: [google_ad] 8. They are named after the design ...

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9 Favorite Places To Get Wet At Walt Disney World


It’s no surprise that Orlando can get some pretty hot weather.  Thankfully, Walt Disney World guests have a variety of options when they want to add some water fun to their vacation!  Here are our favorite places in Walt Disney World to get wet. [google_ad] 1. Splash Mountain One of the most popular ways to get wet at Walt Disney ...

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10 Facts And Secrets About Walt Disney World’s Waterparks


The water parks may not be as popular or notorious as the major theme parks at Walt Disney World, but that isn’t completely fair.  Each of the water parks boast their own attractions that hold records and extremely unique experiences that you can’t experience anywhere else.  Here are some great facts and secrets about these amazing waterparks: [google_ad] 10. There ...

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7 Things Walt Disney World Insiders Love about Disney Water Parks

Christy Caby You may not think of water parks when you think about a Walt Disney World vacation, but Walt Disney World really does have the best of everything for you to enjoy. The water parks are definitely no exception to this. These parks are absolutely amazing and are both worth a visit when you are on property. Here are ...

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Blizzard Beach: Top 5 Attractions

Christy Caby Blizzard Beach is an amazingly fun waterpark, and really one of the best waterparks that you will find. Disney takes their love of theming and magic into their waterparks, and made Blizzard Beach an over the top, magical place to enjoy water fun. The story of Blizzard beach is that a huge blizzard hit Florida. They decided to ...

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Top 5 Attractions At Walt Disney World’s Typhoon Lagoon

Disney water parks are truly just as amazing and magical as the major theme parks that you can experience while at the Walt Disney World Resort.  Typhoon Lagoon is a waterpark that was hit by a major typhoon and left everything a shipwrecked mess.  Among the wreckage are amazing attractions that will provide a full day of fun for the ...

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