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Have You Been on the Scariest Rides in Walt Disney World?

Disney's Expedition Everest

When you think thrill rides, you might not automatically think of Walt Disney World.   After all, of Orlando theme parks, Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure are better known for appealing to teenagers and adults looking for terrifyingly exhilarating attractions. Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom Parks, meanwhile, are often thought of as a spot for ...

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Special After-Hours Event is Returning at Walt Disney World!


It’s time to party! Disney has confirmed an extremely fun after-hours event is officially returning at Walt Disney World Resort. We’re seeing more and more experience make their grand return at Disney! Just last year we saw the return of Disney Park fireworks with new nighttime spectacular including Magic Kingdom’s Disney Enchantment and EPCOT’s Harmonious. Credit: Disney We’re eagerly awaiting ...

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Crazy Florida Weather Strikes Again

If you’re in the central Florida area during the winter months, you never know what kind of weather you will get. A few weeks ago we saw temperature is hitting the 20s as a low and tourists were surprised that they had to bring their winter coats with them.   If you were hoping there would be some summer like temperatures next week on ...

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Central Florida Park Finally Reopened

If you have been in Central Florida the past few days, you’ll have seen that we’ve had crazy weather. In the winter months, you can have one day in the upper 80s, and the next day you hit a low in the 20s. It is so unpredictable, and you never know what you’re going to get. Related: Typhoon Lagoon is Back and Better Than ...

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A Central Florida Park is Closed for the Fifth Day in a Row

During these winter months, the weather in Central Florida can be very unpredictable. Some days it could be warm and sunny, and other days it can be cold and rainy. Unfortunately, the weather recently has not been the most comfortable. Related: Typhoon Lagoon is Back and Better Than Ever Yesterday February 8, it was cold and rainy the whole day. Not ideal weather to go ...

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Typhoon Lagoon Closes Again Due to Cold Weather

If you are visiting Walt Disney World, you may expect warm weather all year round. Although we are not as cold as most areas of the country, we can still get some cooler temperatures in the winter months. Related: Typhoon Lagoon is Back and Better Than Ever It is important to always check the forecast before you leave to plan accordingly and pack ...

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Typhoon Lagoon Closed January 11th and 12th


Recently Walt Disney World announced that Typhoon Lagoon would reopen for the first time since March 2020, and Guests, we’re excited to be able to attend this Waterpark once again. If you wanted to be there on January 11th or 12th, you will have to change your plans. Related: Typhoon Lagoon is Back and Better Than Ever   The official Walt Disney ...

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More Cool Weather Is on the Way

If you are headed to Walt Disney World the week of January 10, you will want to check the forecast each day before heading out to the Theme Parks. More cool weather is forecast to hit Central Florida. Monday, January 10, will still be warm. The high temperature is expected to be around 80 degrees. That is warmer than normal ...

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