Changes Are Coming to the Disney Dining Plan

Changes for the better are being implemented to the Disney Dining Plan. While not yet officially announced by Walt Disney World, some of the new policies went into effect on May 31, 2015, with the rest expected to take place by June 4.


Snacks on the old DDP included most items that cost $5 or under. That meant that you could use your credit for a Mickey Pretzel, for example, but would have to pay extra for the cheese dip. A snack credit can now be used for the pretzel with the dip, side items at quick service restaurants, up to two scoops of ice cream or a regular sundae, and breakfast side items.

Quick service meals are changing as well. Under the new plan, a meal can be traded for three snack options, but they all must be used at the same time and place. A dessert can be exchanged for a non-alcoholic beverage or a side item. Adult and kids’ meals will also be interchangeable. Children ages 3-9 will no longer need to order off of the kids’ menu, and adults can order a kids’ meal if they want.

If you have table service credits on your Disney Dining Plan you will be allowed to substitute the dessert for soup, salad, or a fruit plate where available. Let your server know right away that you would like to make the substitution. Also, you will be able to bring guests and use your credits on them. Adult and kids’ meals will not be interchangeable at table service restaurants on the more popular plans.

The Disney Dining Plan is available only to Disney Resort guests. It is a way to pay for your meals ahead of time instead of paying as you go. There are several plans available, and there are restrictions. Not all restaurants accept the Disney Dining Plan, and alcohol is never included.


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