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Disney Guest Jumps into Seven Seas Lagoon

Learning about Guest safety issues at Walt Disney World Resort is never fun. It may be “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” but frequently, Guest behavior has become a cause for concern.

Magic Kingdom's Cinderella Castle in the evening

Credit: Disney

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The Resort

The Walt Disney World Resort holds the reputation of being a genuinely enchanting destination, encompassing four beautiful theme parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios), two water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon), and dozens of hotels. With thousands of visitors flocking to Disney World daily, it’s not uncommon for certain Guests to exhibit unruly behavior. Clashes among Cast Members have been reported, Guests using unauthorized areas for personal needs, and various other misconduct.

The Seven Seas Lagoon


Credit: V Mills

The Seven Seas Lagoon separates Disney’s Ticket and Transportation Center and the gates of the Magic Kingdom. Spanning approximately 200 acres, it serves as a centerpiece for various recreational activities and transportation. The lagoon provides a scenic backdrop for watercraft transportation, including ferryboats and water taxis. Guests can enjoy leisurely boat rides, view iconic attractions like Cinderella Castle, and even participate in fishing excursions. While it offers a serene and inviting atmosphere, it’s important to note that swimming in the lagoon and the adjacent Bay Lake is strictly prohibited due to safety concerns and past incidents involving wildlife, including alligators.

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A Woman Jumps In

However, a TikTok star named @Taraswrld and her family recently rented a boat on Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon. Disregarding the rules prohibiting swimming in the lake, Tara decided to plunge, prompting law enforcement to escort her back to land. Although Tara did not encounter any harm during her swim, all Guests must adhere to Disney World’s rules and procedures. Recently, Tara shared pictures on Instagram depicting an unfortunate moment when she had to use the restroom amidst a blackout, resorting to the bushes within Disney World.

A Tragic Accident

While it may seem reasonable to enjoy the lake, certain precautions are in place due to a tragic incident on June 14, 2016. A 2-year-old boy named Lane Graves lost his life after being attacked by an alligator while playing near the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. Since then, Disney has taken measures to ensure the removal of alligators by wildlife experts and has implemented barriers and warning signs throughout the property’s beaches and waterways.

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Credit: V Mills

While some may argue that it’s merely a lake and should be open for leisure, the tragic incident in 2016 serves as a stark reminder of the risks involved. As always, Guests on Disney property would do their best to adhere to the rules of the Resort and its many theme Park policies.


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