Top Experiences Walt Disney World Insiders RARELY Do

No matter how often we visit Walt Disney World, some attractions occupy a permanent spot on our vacation to-do list.  Riding Haunted Mansion, visiting Pandora – World of Avatar at night, and snacking our way through the World Showcase, for example, will always be staples of a Walt Disney World Resort vacation for us. 

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But after dozens of trips to the parks, there are a few attractions we can confidently skip – after all; there’s never enough time to see everything anyway!  Here are just a few things we might pass on as regulars at WDW.  Which ones would make it onto YOUR “to skip” list?

Tom Sawyer Island

Secret islands are pretty fun, admittedly.  And we thoroughly enjoyed visiting Tom Sawyer Island in Magic Kingdom – once.  The suspension bridges, caves, fort – it’s all a marked departure from other offerings in WDW.  However, there’s so much to fit into a Walt Disney World trip, and let’s face it; we have plenty of fabulous hikes back home.  Plus, the wait times for the raft that takes you to the island can be lengthy.  We now skip this one in favor of attractions that pack more of a punch.

The American Adventure

The World Showcase in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT is a chance to travel the world without ever leaving WDW.  But one pavilion we rarely bother visiting is the American Adventure.  It’s architecturally stunning, for sure – but there are just so many other countries and cultures to immerse ourselves in while we’re at EPCOT!  Our one exception: visiting this pavilion is perfectly acceptable to listen to the incomparable Voices of Liberty, who now perform at America Gardens Theatre.

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It’s Tough to be a Bug!

We love a good show at Walt Disney World, and there are plenty to choose from.  The best thing about the 3D show It’s Tough to be a Bug! is its location in the base of the Tree of Life (the 4D effects are pretty fun, too), but we haven’t felt the need to return on subsequent vacations to WDW.  We’d rather take the time to enjoy one of the live shows in Disney’s Animal Kingdom when we want a break between attractions.

Buffet Dining

Even before COVID-19 put a halt to buffet dining, we tried to avoid it when in WDW.  Buffets are pricy, encouraging you to eat more food than you really need to get your money’s worth – and now that buffet dining is starting to return to the parks, we’ll happily go on dining elsewhere.  Note: if you’re a fan of (currently modified) character dining, it might not be as easy to boycott buffets since character dining tends to go hand-in-hand with buffets at WDW.

Space Mountain

Space Mountain is one of those iconic Walt Disney World rides that you’ll definitely want to try once – but as repeat Guests, we never feel the need to return.  The glowing celestial objects that you zoom past are definitely cool to see, but the ride car isn’t the most comfortable, and we’ve never emerged from the ride without a headache.  Plus, rides are often long for this beloved attraction.  We’d much rather hop on the PeopleMover to take a peek inside the ride (bonus: if maintenance is happening on Space Mountain, you may even get to see it with the lights on).

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Dole Whip

Alright, this one is controversial, I know – Dole Whips have developed quite a following over the years!  And they’re not bad, of course.  Juicy pineapple and vanilla soft serve ice cream – it’s a perfectly adequate snack on a hot day.  But having been to Disney World dozens of times, we like to aim higher than “adequate,” so we go out of our way to try new and exciting snacks whenever we’re on the property.

World of Disney

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You won’t find a bigger collection of all things, Disney, anywhere in the world – yet we typically skip World of Disney in Disney Springs (unless we’re looking for something we can’t find anywhere else).  As full as this massive store is of Disney merchandise, it’s usually equally as full of Guests seeking the perfect gift or souvenir so that it can feel a little overwhelming, not to mention daunting to navigate.  Besides, let’s face it – after all these years, we have a LOT of WDW merchandise!

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