Pressed Penny Collecting 101 At Walt Disney World – 5 Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Pressed penny collecting is a big deal to a lot of guests. Kids absolutely love it and it has become a big souvenir that creates fun memories with your family, is something that you can keep forever and isn’t costly (on a per penny basis). If you are thinking about giving penny press collection a try, then this is for you. Here are 5 tips and tricks you should know to help you get started and prepared for your penny press collection before your next trip:


5. How it works

So what is this pressed penny thing? For 2 quarters and 1 penny, you can press your penny into a souvenir with a character, attraction, park or other image pressed into it to have an affordable and fun keepsake. It can become an addiction to collect these little beauties, and with over 500 pressed penny machines spread all over the Walt Disney World Resort, you will have your work cut out for you chasing them all down. You will need to make sure that you have exact change, since the machines will only accept 2 quarters and 1 penny in order to get the pressed penny, so make sure that you are prepared!

4. Bring something to carry your money in

Plastic tubes, like the tubes that M&M Minis come in are the best to carry your coins in. (Yes, I just gave you an excuse to eat chocolate in order to prep and organize for your vacation. You’re welcome!) You will want to get a few of these, depending on how many coins you plan to collect. It is a good idea to go ahead and get your quarters and pennies ready before your trip. You can also organize them so that you can quickly pull out the currency that you need in order to press a penny. You can load the tubes with 2 quarters, then 1 penny, and repeat over and over again so that you can quickly get the 3 coins from only opening one tube each time you stop. This little bit of organization can save you precious Disney minutes while on your trip.

3. Don’t carry your organizer book

There are many different organizer books and ways to display your pennies after they have been pressed. These are definitely great and a great way to look back at your memories and collection. I don’t recommend bringing the book with you into the parks. You run the risk of losing it, forgetting it, being weighed down by carrying it or wasting time trying to organize your pennies right after they are pressed. Just bring a container that you can put the pressed pennies in, and secure that in your bag so that you can be sure it won’t fall out or get lost. Then, when you get back to the resort each night, organize what you have and incorporate them into your collection so you can update your list.

2. Don’t forget the resorts

People tend to only think about the parks when it comes to penny presses. Most of the resorts also have penny press machines, and some are exclusive presses for that resort. They are awesome presses to add to any collection and create great memories with your family by exploring the different resorts and other locations outside of the parks. The parks are amazing and tons of fun, but there is so much that all of Walt Disney World Resort has to offer, so if you get the chance to venture to other resorts and locations, you would also be rewarded with more penny presses for your collection.


1. Plan your stops

You first have to determine your goals when it comes to collecting. Are you trying to collect them all, are you trying to collect them only at locations you are going, are you only looking for specific characters or attractions? You want to determine what type of collection it is that you want so that you can make sure that you have the opportunity to collect the ones that you want the most. You can then use this website ( to look at the different penny presses and plan your stops so that you don’t miss the ones that you want.

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