Disney Wouldn’t Be Disney Without… Our Top 10 Picks at Walt Disney World

We love everything at Disney World, and rarely are we happy to see any of it go away. That said, there are some things that really make the Disney experience, and without them, we just don’t think Disney would be quite as magical.


1. The Monorail

One of the first things you see when going to Magic Kingdom is the monorail. This iconic Disney World feature is actually one of our favorites rides because it takes us to our happy place and starts each of our trips off with a bang. Unfortunately, the current monorail system has seen better days. We hope to see it replaced soon so that future generations may enjoy this key part of Disney World as much as we have.

2. Dole Whip and Mickey Bars

In a place as hot as Florida, ice cream is a must. Fortunately, Disney World has such treats as Mickey Bars and Dole Whip. These treats are a huge part of what makes a Disney World trip a Disney World trip, and we can’t imagine a Disney vacation without at least one or two of these amazing desserts.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain

Magic Kingdom has a number of super awesome, classic rides that we absolutely adore, making it difficult to pick and choose which ones are the most important to us. After much thought, we’ve landed upon Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain—both classic rides with amazing animatronics and awesome storylines. It truly doesn’t get any more Disney than that. The funny thing is, Pirates of the Caribbean almost didn’t happen in Disney World, and considering that the movie Splash Mountain was based on is banned in the US, we’re equally surprised that ride made it into the parks as well.


4. Nighttime Shows

There is no better way to end a Disney day than with a nighttime show. Whether you choose to see “Happily Ever After” or “Fantasmic!”, “Epcot Forever” or “Rivers of Light”, you won’t be disappointed by the amazing music and effects these shows have to offer.

5. World Showcase

Ever wanted to take a stroll around the world? Lucky for you, there’s Epcot’s World Showcase. We love the World Showcase and could easily spend hours meandering through everything the area has to offer. We would never plan a trip without at least one World Showcase day, and nobody else should either. From rides and shops to amazing foods, the pavilions in World Showcase are both fun and educational, as well as an experience like you’ve never had before.

6. Spaceship Earth and Test Track

Again, we had a hard time choosing just one ride in all of Epcot to put on this list. We did eventually narrow it down to two: Spaceship Earth and Test Track. Both are key parts of any day at Epcot, and both are super awesome to experience time and time again. A close runner-up however was Soarin’ Around the World, which is truly spectacular and shouldn’t be skipped over.

7. Animal Kingdom’s Shows

Yes, Animal Kingdom has awesome animals to admire, and yes, it’s home to the incredible Pandora – World of Avatar. However, our favorite things in this park are still the super amazing shows. “Finding Nemo the Musical” is a Broadway-caliber production, meaning a show that would normally cost $50+ per ticket is included in your theme park admission. Meanwhile, “Festival of the Lion King” has some of the most amazing stuntwork and choreography we’ve ever seen. Without these shows, Animal Kingdom just wouldn’t be the same.

8. Character Meet-and-Greets

One of the most exciting things to do while in Disney World is meet your favorite Disney characters. Luckily, there are character meet-and-greets around every corner. Didn’t find enough Disney friends to meet in the parks? You can always have a character meal to round out the experience. These character meetings are one of the things guests look forward to most, and we can’t even imagine what the parks would be like without the opportunity to shake hands with our cartoon friends.

9. Toy Story Mania and Tower of Terror

Hollywood Studios has lots of great attractions. However, we didn’t have to think too hard to choose our two favorites. Toy Story Mania is by far the most fun family-friendly ride in the park, and the surrounding Toy Story Land is equally as amazing. As far as thrill rides go, we love Tower of Terror and recommend it to anyone who loves thrills. Of course, Star Tours is a close third, and may even bump Tower of Terror off the list when Star Wars Land is surrounding it.

10. And of Course, Mickey Mouse

Last, but certainly not least, we must mention the mouse himself, Mickey Mouse. Disney would be nothing without this little guy, and the parks are also pretty dependent on his presence. Mickey meet-and-greets are a crucial part of almost any Disney World visit, and seeing Mickey at the end of a parade never gets old. Of course, hearing Mickey welcome you to the park in the morning or say goodnight at the end of the day is always pretty special as well.

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