Disney’s Dark Towers: Which Is Better?

Tower of Terror and Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout
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Some rides have become staples to their theme Parks at Disney. These classics are sought out, and always worth the line. The Tower of Terror in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios is one of those rides. In 1994, the attraction opened, giving Guests the opportunity to take a trip to the twilight zone. With the sudden drops, and instant catapults back up, this thrill ride is one that never gets old.

In 2004, Disney’s California Adventure got their own Tower of Terror bringing the fan favorite to the west coast. Although there were some small changes, like adding additional seats to the ride, it gave the same effect. Even though it was a classic attraction, Imagineers had a new plan for this tower. In 2016, it was announced it would be reimagined and in 2017, it was reopened as Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

Baby Groot

Credit: D23

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Origin of Tower of Terror

As told by Disney, “Disney’s Hollywood Studios is inspired by the “Hollywood that never was—and always will be,”.” Imagineers took inspiration from architecture in Southern California, studying landmarks such as the Biltmore Hotel and the Mission Inn.

“Walt Disney Imagineers viewed 156 episodes of “The Twilight Zone” for inspiration when creating The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror”, as reported by Disney Parks Blog. While they studied these episodes, the ride’s theme lets visitors know they have stepped into the final episode known as the “Lost” Twilight Zone Episode Where YOU Are the Star.

Tower of Terror

Credit: D23

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Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT!

When The Tower of Terror was transformed in Disney’s California Adventure, fans were skeptical. Taking a ride that was so beloved, and merely creating a new theme felt like it just wouldn’t feel the same. But fans were wrong. As the height of the Guardian of the Galaxy (2014) interest increased over the years, the ride has become a staple of this theme Park too. Guardians offer their Guests six different experiences, which allows every ride to be a new adventure. The main characters, Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Drax, and Gamora are all featured in the ride and played by the actors in the film. While it may not be the twilight zone, it is the galaxy that brings you into a whole new era of fun.

Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout

Credit: D23

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While Guardians of the Galaxy may not hold the nostalgia of a 90’s ride, it holds up all on its own. It has become a ride that fans have come to love. Is it really one or the other, or is it possible to love them both equally?

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