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Eat This, Not That In Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios has gotten a lot of slack over the years regarding dining options.  We would probably agree that out of the four theme parks, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has the worse options when it comes to quick service dining options.  Don’t worry though, we have what you should eat when it comes to meals and snacks while visiting.


Eat This:  Table Service Meals

When it comes to table service meals, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has a few good choices depending on what you are looking for.  We are going to cheat and give you a few options to choose from when it comes to a sit-down meal at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you are looking for a fun, unique dining option, consider looking into 50’s Prime Time or Sci-Fi Dine-in.  Both of these locations offer comfort food as well as a fun environment.  50’s Prime Time will take you back to your grandparents house where veggies must be eaten before dessert is offered.  Sci-Fi has fun old-school cartoons and you can even dine while you sit in a car.  These are both fun and entertaining locations that offer food that is consistently good.

We have recently been impressed with the character dining option at Hollywood and Dine.  Here guests can meet their favorite Disney Jr. friends for breakfast and then Minnie and friends in the afternoon and evening.  The change from a buffet to a plated option has really made Hollywood and Vine a much better dining option.

Finally, if you are wanting a quieter meal, look at Hollywood Brown Derby.  Known for their cob salad, Hollywood Brown Derby has excellent flights to choose from and nice, fresh and light  meals that are perfect for those warm days in the parks.

Surprisingly, Disney’s Hollywood Studios has some excellent sit-down options to choose from.

Not This:  Table-Service Meal

The one sit-down meal we would stay away from at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Mama Melrose’s Risorante Italiano.  There isn’t anything wrong with this location, but it isn’t anything exciting.  You can enjoy basic pasta, pizza and salad here at Mama Melrose.   We feel that the other sit-down options in Disney’s Hollywood Studios offer more choices, better atmosphere and better food quality.

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Eat This:  Quick Service

This is where Disney’s Hollywood Studios struggles slightly in the food department.  With the opening of Toy Story Land as well as Star Wars:  Galaxy Edge, they have made some great progress, but there are still some areas of growth.  If you do find yourself needing a quick meal in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we have some options for you to choose from but remember that you will want to remember to mobile order on the My Disney Experience app early to ensure you get a time that works for your family.

Our first choice is going to be Ronto Wraps in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.  As you can imagine you can enjoy ronto wraps throughout the day here.  You can have a breakfast wrap with an egg and sausage while in the afternoons you can enjoy the regular and delicious ronto wrap with sausage and amazing peppercorn sauce.

The other great choice is Woody’s Lunch Box located in Toy Story Land.  Although seating can be difficult here as it is limited and all outside, the food choices are fun (who doesn’t love grilled cheese) and potato barrels (tater tots) that are both delicious.  

These are two choices when it comes to quick service meals in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Not This:  Quick Service

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is trying to improve their quick-service options as we have seen with an updated menu at ABC Commissary, but there are still a few places we would recommend skipping.

PizzeRizzo is one that we recommend passing up when it comes to dining in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The pizzas here are basic bubble pizzas that don’t have a lot to offer.  The salads are premade and aren’t always fresh.  We feel that there are better options to choose from.

The other options we would probably skip are those located down Sunset Boulevard.  Both Fairfax Fare and Rose’s All American offer very basic theme park options.  You will find hot dogs, chicken nuggets and your basic burgers at these locations.  Although they aren’t bad, the all outdoor seating and the fact that the food is basic options we feel there are other options that are better.

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Eat This:  Snacks

We think one of the best snacks in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the Wookiee Cookie located at Backlot Express.  This cookie is $5.99 and is made with two oatmeal cookies with vanilla cream filling and a milk chocolate sash on top.  It is huge and easy to share.

Another delicious treat you can only get in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the lunch box tarts from Woody’s Lunch Box.  You can choose from a raspberry, lemon-blueberry or chocolate-hazelnut as well, sometimes a holiday themed tart.  These are fun and unique treats. 

Finally, don’t skip out on the amazing Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie.  This large, warm and delicious cookie is something that shouldn’t be skipped out on.

Not This:  Snacks

There aren’t any snacks that we feel should be skipped at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but we do think some might not be as good as what we mentioned before.  Think about skipping the popcorn, basic ice cream and other treats you might be able to get at home or at other parks.  Take time to enjoy the unique treats while you are visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We are extremely thrilled with the progress that Disney’s Hollywood Studios has made over the years when it comes to food options throughout the park.  We hope this helps you find some delicious food options!


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