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Fireworks Back at Magic Kingdom

Those at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World on August 31st were probably disappointed to find out that there would be no fireworks for Happily Ever AfterScott Gustin took to Twitter to give us a couple of updates:

Credit: Tricia Kennedy

“I don’t have any information about any possible damage to the fireworks launch site or the exact location of the fire near the launch site – but it *is* the reason fireworks were canceled tonight.”

“A fire backstage at a fireworks launch site last night is why there will be no fireworks during Happily Ever After at Magic Kingdom tonight. The projections will happen – but no pyro tonight.”

Credit: Tricia Kennedy

Yesterday he did another update telling everyone that last night’s show of Happily Ever After would have fireworks again.

“Happily Ever After fireworks are back tonight.”


There is no word of any possible damage, but thankfully nobody was hurt, so that’s what is most important. When Walt Disney World reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic closure it really was not the same without fireworks, so we are very excited that they have returned. Walt Disney World is doing everything they can to make sure everyone is safe so please make sure to follow all new safety protocols and be kind to all Cast Members.

If you wanted to catch Happily Ever After one more time, you better hurry because the final showing will be September 29th, 2021. Although we are sad to see the show go, we are excited for the opening of Disney Enchantment which will start on the 50th Anniversary on October 1st, 2021. If you’re over at EPCOT and want to catch EPCOT Forever one last time, you have until September 28th, 2021. The brand new firework show called Harmonious will debut at EPCOT on October 1st, 2021. 


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