5 Ways To Save Hundreds Of Dollars On Your Next Disney Vacation

A Walt Disney World vacation is expensive, that is just a fact. There are some ways that you can save quite a bit of money, though. One thing that you’ll need to watch out for are unofficial Disney ticket resellers. Many of those tickets are not good and will not get you into the parks. If you try and take them back they will not give you a refund. Make sure to buy your tickets from a reliable source. Here are five ways you can save money on your next Walt Disney World vacation.


5) Don’t Go Overboard on Souvenirs

Everywhere you turn there is another gift shop at Walt Disney World Resort. There are going to be many tempting things that you’ll want to bring back home with you. Set a limit for yourself on how much you’re willing to spend, and if you have kids with you do the same for them. Give each child a certain amount of money and tell them they cannot spend more than that, then actually stick to it. Everyone will still be able to go home with some great souvenirs and you’ll still have some money in your bank account.

4) Bring Lunch and Snacks Into the Park

Many people don’t know this, but Walt Disney World does allow you to bring some food into the parks. Instead of buying lunch at the park each day you can bring in sandwiches and other snacks. You can even keep a cooler in your car and walk back to the car whenever your family gets hungry. Walt Disney World does have some amazing restaurants, so if you do decide to try one of them out you can order meals without the sides and save some money there.

3) Skip Park Hopper

Another way you can save a lot of money is by not using Park Hopper. This will save a family of four hundreds of dollars. There is plenty to do at each park so you can easily just do one park a day. If you just do one park a day you will still get to see and do everything you want, and you will be saving a lot of money. If you change your mind and decide you really do want Park Hopper, you can add it to your ticket at any time.

2) Stay Off Property

Walt Disney World Resorts are awesome, but they are also expensive. There are plenty of great hotels that are still very close to the parks that are a lot less pricey. There are many pet friendly hotels in the area too. Also, find a hotel that has a free breakfast, and that will save you some money by not having to buy breakfast somewhere. Many of the hotels in the area offer free shuttles to the parks, so find a hotel that has that service. You’ll save gas money, plus you then won’t have to pay for parking at the parks.


1) Travel During the Off Season

If you take your Walt Disney World vacation during the off season you can save quite a bit of money. First, the hotels will be a lot less expensive. Second, you will get better deals on flights. Make sure to make your flight reservation very early so you’ll save even more. During the off season the parks are a lot less crowded so you will be able to get even more in and ride your favorite rides over and over. There’s then a better chance that everyone in your family will be able to get everything they want in.

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