Following Netflix Disney+ Set to Eliminate Password Sharing

Disney Plus
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In November 2019, Disney released the best streaming service available. Disney Plus was released with the intent to house all things Disney. Of course, with a bit of bias, it’s the best and most crucial streaming service having all the Disney classics in one spot. The service has just about everything from the very first animated films to some of the most recent Disney films.

Recently, Disney released shorts stored in the Disney vault and restored many of them for first-time viewing. While fans love to see what is coming to the streaming service, it looks like it may be more difficult to watch some of your favorite movies and shows.

Disney Plus

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Password Sharing

As of this past June, the similar streaming service Netflix eliminated password sharing. The service found it was costing them thousands and had to alter the way fans could stream their favorite content. It looks like Disney Plus may be heading in the same direction. Inside the Magic reports, “The Walt Disney Company’s streaming service in India — is planning to start enforcing a policy of limiting the number of devices premium subscribers can log in from, slashing the account’s benefits by over 50%.”

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This news comes as The Walt Disney Company is publicly battling issues from all angles. After CEO Bob Iger agreed to extend his contract, issues are at a seeming standstill with the lawsuit between Disney and Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis. Furthermore, Disney has endured over 7,000 layoffs in the past year, including layoffs at ESPN and executives from The Walt Disney Company resigning.


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What’s To Come for Disney Plus

CEO Bob Iger has put an emphasis on the streaming service recently, along with its news channels, trying to understand what the “core” of the company is. Additionally, his comments brought anxiety to many employees who would be affected by large changes in the entertainment industry. If there is a potential to bring this password-sharing elimination to Disney Plus in the United States, fans may be just as anxious to find these changes.


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“In India, a premium account of Disney+ Hotstar streaming service still allows logins on as many as 10 devices, even though its website currently says “number of devices that can be logged in” is four,” Reuters wrote. Eliminating the number of users on Disney Plus may anger fans and potentially backfire. Which could also only end up hurting The Walt Disney Company more.

What are your thoughts on more changes coming to The Walt Disney Company?

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