Gideon’s Bakehouse Teases with Photos of Cookies Coming Soon to Disney Springs

We previously shared the exciting news that a multi-award-winning local bakery in Orlando, called Gideon’s Bakehouse, will open a location in The Landing portion of Disney Springs. While we have yet to receive an opening date, we know it is coming SOON! Gideon’s took to social media to start focusing on their Disney Springs menu with several teaser photos and details as shared below.


As shared via Gideon’s Bakehouse Facebook page: “First up, the Cookie that started it all, The Original Chocolate Chip! This Cookie took me 15 years to perfect. It carries so much joy and heartbreak and all of the ingredients of life. It might be cliché to say, but it is made with love to bring you the comfort we all need. This almost 1/2 pound Cookie is a soft buttery experience. It is known for being overloaded with multiple chocolate chips yet also packs a vanilla punch since we use real vanilla bean and give the dough time in our freezer to soak up all of that flavoring. I try not to play favorites, but this is the one I choose if I could only have one flavor on a desert island.⁣”

“Menu continues with our most sophisticated Cookie, the Pistachio Toffee Chocolate Chip! This beauty tends to be the first addiction for those new to Gideon’s! A long-standing favorite in our community, this flavorful offering mixes chocolate chips with crunchy toffee pieces. Top that off with lightly salted pistachios and balance is achieved. Sweet and Salty. Soft and Crunchy. It is a reflection of life. Most people will say that you can’t leave Gideon’s without trying the Pistachio Toffee. That’s not bad advice.⁣⁣”


“Cookies & Cream! There’s so much to say about this ominous looking Cookie! It’s a soft vanilla Cookie with chunks of Double Stuff Oreos inside and crushed Oreos outside. It was created to taste like an Oreo Milkshake in cookie form. I call this our Cult Cookie because you Cookies & Cream people are next-level obsessed! You’re in the Gideon’s line trying to talk strangers into getting the C&C, recruiting them into your world. I can hear you. I know what you’re trying to do.”

“Peanut Butter Crunch!! This Cookie took an extra-long time to develop! I wanted you to enjoy something that was truly set apart from a PB cookie’s standard flavor because, let’s face it, most PB cookies taste the same. We are very proud that our Peanut Butter Crunch is entirely peanut buttery with every bite. Not surprising since the dough is made of mostly peanut butter! It’s topped with our handmade candied peanuts for the perfect amount of crunch. Protip: This Cookie pairs PERFECTLY with PB Buttercream Dips, also available on occasion at our new Bakehouse! Trust me. It’s eye-rolling good.⁣”

“We can’t talk about a menu for Gideon’s at @DisneySprings without respecting the chocolate, and we do that with our Triple Chocolate Cookie! The truth is that our “Triple” is actually five kinds of chocolate, but Quintuple Chocolate doesn’t roll off the tongue. This delicacy is made with fancy Callebaut and Ghirardelli chocolates, to name a few. I’ve never been a fan of tradition all chocolate cookies, so I made this one unique and velvety by pouring our chocolate ganache straight into the cookie dough as we’re mixing it. Now we’re talkin’. This is the rich flavorful Cookie you’ll want to curl up with, our most emotional Cookie. Protip: It’s the best Cookie to pair with a Gideon’s Cold Brew.”

“The final addition to our 365 Cookie menu for Gideon’s at @DisneySprings is your favorite and ours … the Coffee Cake Cookie! This almost 1/2 pound piece of glory is an extra Buttery Vanilla Bean Cookie filled with Cinnamon Strudel and topped with our Homemade Double Baked Butter Crumbs! Buttery. Crunchy. Extraordinary. Built to be paired with a Gideon’s Cold Brew, it is a perfect start for your day and only available EXCLUSIVELY at Gideon’s Bakehouse at Disney Springs each and every morning until it sells out! You all know we like to keep our menu simple, quality over quantity. Our goal is to bring you the best we know how to produce in the world of Cookie – Cake – Coffee.”
“Facts: Every Gideon’s Cookie is handmade from scratch and takes over 24 hours to prepare. No one alive, outside of myself, knows the complete recipe. Gideon’s Cookies are specially formulated to bring you some of the joy of cookie dough in a deceptively baked Cookie! ⁣⁣”

Anyone else ready to try ALL of these? We. CAN’T. Wait!

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