Credit: Tricia Kennedy

Give Kids the World

The past couple of days, I’ve learned more about an amazing organization in the Orlando area. Give Kids the World gives vacations to families of those with terminally ill children. They will provide kids with their dream vacation completely free to that family. They celebrate holidays throughout the week since many of those children won’t make it to that next holiday. They’re given ice cream for breakfast and family meals all together. Whichever theme park that child wants to go to they will make it happen. They are always looking for volunteers. This organization would not be possible without them.

Credit: Tricia Kennedy

At the Give Kids the World Village, they have events coming up that you can be a part of. At Give Kids the World Village on November 12th, 2021, through January 2nd, 2022, you can see Night of a Million Lights. This will be such a magical experience for everyone. On November 6th, 2021, a Gingerbread Run will benefit Give Kids the World. It’ll be a fantastic way to get some exercise while raising money for an incredible organization. It’s also a great way to get information out about what they do.

Credit: Tricia Kennedy

I have heard stories about how the organization changes lives. Some of these children feel hopeless and scared, and this gives them and their families a chance to get their minds off everything for a little while and enjoy time together. This may be the last thing these families will ever get to do together, and they want to make it as magical for the whole family as possible. I would highly recommend being a part of this if you can. With all the darkness that’s out there, this company is a light in the world and needs help to keep it going strong. The reward will be seeing that smile on a child’s face. 

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