“Godmothered” Disney+ Original Film Review

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Continuing in the tradition of original movies on Disney+ for Christmas, Disney+ released their second entry into the holiday movie market recently with Godmothered following last year’s NoelleGodmothered tells a unique story of a fairy godmother-in-training, Eleanor, and her attempts to bring happily ever after to a single mother of two in Boston.  There is plenty to love about the story, so let’s dig in!


Disney has dabbled in the fairy godmother market since the 1950s — Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather in Sleeping Beauty, as well as the aptly named Fairy Godmother in Cinderella.  Disney takes this familiar story line and turns it around in this story.  Eleanor is an optimistic fairy godmother-in-training in a land where happily ever afters are dwindling and people are no longer believing in fairy godmothers.  In attempt to prove her mastery of her godmother skills, Eleanor embarks on a mission to bring Mackenzie a happily ever after. 

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Eleanor discovers Mackenzie through a letter written seeking for help.  Eleanor heads off to find her and quickly learns the Mackenzie who wrote the letter is very different from the Mackenzie she finds.  Mackenzie wrote her letter to a fairy godmother when she was a child, but Eleanor discovers Mackenzie widowed and with two daughters. 

Eleanor quickly attempts to work her magic and skills in creating a love connection with one of Mackenzie’s co-workers, cheekily named, Hugh Prince.  Since this is Disney movie, the expected comic misadventures ensue that claim laughs from the audience and works to engage the viewer in rooting for a relationship between Mackenzie and Hugh.  Short into the movie, the viewer believes they are watching a traditional Disney love story.  However, the writers of the movie deftly combine elements from Disney classics “Cinderella,” “Enchanted,” and “Mary Poppins” to create a unique and empowering story.


Eleanor is played by Jillian Bell who wonderfully portrays the affable, fish out of water fairy godmother.  Those viewers who have seen “Enchanted” will quickly see elements of Giselle in her portrayal (and while we are on the topic of “Enchanted” — how excited are you about “Disenchanted” announced on the investor call?!?) With the wave of her wand, Eleanor is able to conjure laughs up, as well as a helpful woodland creature — Gary the Raccoon.  My only complaint is that the characters plod along a little longer than necessary before reaching an extraordinarily satisfying conclusion.

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SPOILER ALERT – we are going to cover the ending of the movie.  And the ending is what made this writer a big fan of this movie.

Seriously….this is your last chance.  Stop reading now and go watch the movie so we don’t spoil it.

Ok….don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Mackenzie’s eldest daughter is a musician and struggles with stage fright and goes back and forth about joining the concert band at school.  She ultimately works up the courage to join and ends up leading the entire band and choir at the winter carnival.  The story turns on who Eleanor is intended for — she ends up teaching and encouraging Mackenzie’s daughter, Jane, to follow her dreams and get over her stage fright.  This movie pushes past previous Disney fairy godmother films and shows the audience that finding a prince or a physical personification of true love is not the polestar of life.  Finding what you love is the key to happiness.  At the concert, Jane soars with her performance and Eleanor demonstrates she finally has the skills to be a true blue fairy godmother.  The crowd underscores and highlights the message through affirmations of love for family.

There is a short animated post script before the credits role that shows that Eleanor returns to the Motherland and is influential in teaching the next generation of fairy godmothers.  With the swath of holidays coming up, we highly recommend finding some time to check this movie out — kids and parents will connect to this movie and it may become part of your required holiday viewings.

One question before closing — am I the only one who thought that fairy godmothers could only be seen by the “goddaughters?” Yes? No?  Let us know what you think if you’ve seen it or whether you plan on streaming it over the holidays!

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