Guest Sues Disney After Monorail Accident

Monorail at Disney World
Credit: Disney

Every theme Park, including ones owned by Disney, has accidents from time to time. Sometimes they are minor inconveniences to Guests, but other times they can result in injuries as lawsuits.

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The Monorail Accident


Credit: D23

Earlier this year, while visiting EPCOT, a Disney Guest suffered a severe injury when the doors to the Monorail closed on her. The Disney Guest claims that she was boarding the Monorail at Bay Lake when the doors malfunctioned and nearly crushed her. She also claims that she was in excruciating pain as the incident occurred, and no Disney World Cast Members came to her assistance. She was only freed from the doors when five other Disney Guests pried her loose.

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During the ordeal, the monorail captain stated over the intercom that the train had suffered a malfunction and they needed to reset the system.

The Lawsuit

The newly filed lawsuit accuses the theme Park Resort of failing to properly maintain safety conditions as well as failing to assist her once the accident occurred.

Monorail and Flowers

Credit: Disney

Since the monorail accident, she has suffered permanent damage due to the force of the impact from the doors closing on her. She is currently seeking $50,000 for compensation and damages.

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Although it is not common, the Disney monorail has experienced accidents in the past, including a collision between two trains in 2009 that resulted in a death. This lawsuit also comes on the heels of Governor Ron DeSantis pushing state regulations over Disney’s monorail system as well as other modes of transportation and potentially theme Park rides.


Credit: Disney

It seems likely that this accident and lawsuit will use many of the same talking points used by the Florida Governor. Furthermore, it may push the Florida government into further attempts to regulate operations at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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