How To Never Pay Full Price For A Walt Disney World Vacation

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We all love to save money right? I make it my own personal mission to enjoy my Disney favorites the cheapest way possible, so I am always looking for the best deals and programs to help get the prices the lowest possible. Here are a few tips to help ensure that you never pay full price for a Disney vacation:


Utilize Disney vacation package discounts

Disney regularly offers discounts and promotions on their vacation packages. The discounts are even higher when you are visiting during non-peak travel times since Disney still wants to keep their resorts, parks and restaurants full of guests who are spending money with them. It is important to watch for these deals. You can reserve your vacation package and still change to a different promotion at any time by calling Disney so be sure to keep a close and constant eye on all of the published deals.

Use a travel agent

So does watching for all of the deals and pricing everything out constantly to see which deal is the best seem like a lot of overwhelming work? This is why you should consider using a Disney travel agent. There are no additional fees to use them and they will help watch for various promotions and ensure that they are applied to your reservation. Many travel agents also offer little freebies and extras that you wouldn’t get if you book directly through Disney yourself, and you still get everything that you would receive already, so it is definitely a win-win and much easier for you in the long run.

Utilize reward programs

Many credit cards and other services have loyalty programs and point systems that allow you to earn points to go toward gift cards and such. You can use these to help obtain Disney gift cards that can be used to pay for anything and everything associated with your Disney vacation that is being paid to Disney. You can also use these to earn visa gift cards, air travel gift cards, etc. that will help pay for a portion of your trip so that it is less expense that you have to incur and more money you can put toward something else. Don’t forget to look into other membership discounts like AAA who also receive various discounts on property.


Buy Disney Gift Cards from Target, Costco, etc.

This is my favorite savings trick. If you have a Target Red Card or a Costco card, then buy Disney gift cards from those locations. You end up saving around 5% of what you would have spent and you can use the Disney gift cards to pay for your vacation package, meals, gratuities, souvenirs, ticket purchases, etc. You can even pay off your resort charges using gift cards, so this is a phenomenal way to save 5% off of your entire vacation, which can add up quickly!

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