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How to Spend the Perfect Day at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

So, you’re planning a trip to Walt Disney World.  Congratulations! Understandably, Disney World’s theme parks will probably be the highlight of your vacation.  But as anyone who has vacationed in the Most Magical Place in the world (especially with kids) knows, sometimes you need a little vacation from your vacation. 

A Resort day fits the bill perfectly – after all, you’re already paying to stay at your Resort, so why not enjoy it to the fullest?  And Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort is the perfect place to get away from it all while never leaving WDW.

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Lobby Magic

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge features one of the most unforgettable lobbies of any Walt Disney World Resort.  The beauty of the outdoors is brought inside on a massively grand scale.  There’s a huge rustic fireplace, rocking chairs, totem poles, artifacts, and headdresses honoring the indigenous heritage of the Pacific Northwest, and even a babbling brook that starts inside and winds up in a pool outside!  There are multiple seating areas, so there’s every opportunity to spend some time in the Resort’s unique lobby during your Resort day.  Plus, if you visit during the holiday season, there’s a stunning 60-foot tree to gape at!

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Pool Time

Pool time at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort has two speeds: thrilling and relaxing, with a pool area for each.  Feeling playful?  Head to the Copper Creek Springs Pool for a nature-themed blast!  The 67-foot waterslide is the star here, and kids love the water play area, but you can also chill in the whirlpool spas pre- or post-excitement.  Feeling like a more tranquil escape?  Then the Boulder Ridge Cove Pool is probably more your style.  With a beach entry, a whirlpool spa, and several shaded seating areas, this is pool has “relaxation” written all over it.

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Territory Lounge

We love a well-themed lounge.  The homey yet sophisticated log cabin vibe of Territory Lounge is a perfect example!  While technically a bar, you’ll find more than your favorite cocktail or mocktail here.  The munchie selection includes bisque, chocolate cake, ribs, and even fondue!

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Segway Tour

One of the most entertaining ways to explore the wilds of Florida is on a Segway!  Even if it’s your first time, it won’t take long before you’re gliding along like a pro on the Wilderness Back Trail Adventure.  There’s an instruction and practice session before you head out, and your guide will communicate with you via earpiece.  There’s a stop at Wilderness Lodge, and you’ll also see Tri-Circle-D Ranch and Bay Lake and hear some stories and trivia along the way.  The tour leaves from the Bike Barn at Fort Wilderness Resort.

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Wilderness Walk/Jog

Grab a map from the Concierge Desk, and head off to discover the great outdoors on foot!  The jogging trails at Disney World’s Wilderness Lodge are delightfully shaded, perfect for unbearably sunny days, and of course, full of beautiful Floridian wilderness. There’s a path to Fort Wilderness (.75 miles) and a longer loop around the Fort Wilderness Campground.  Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife – you may see deer, peacocks, rabbits, and even armadillos!

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Arcade Fun

It’s good to have some backup activities in case of rain on your Resort day.  Wilderness Lodge Resort’s Buttons and Bells Arcade is open daily, and you can buy a game card (reloadable and valid at any other Disney Resort arcade) on site.

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Electrical Water Pageant

A fabulous way to end your Resort day at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort is by staking out a viewing spot on the shores of Bay Lake to watch the Electrical Water Pageant.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of viewing this nighttime staple, you’re in for a treat!  The Electrical Water Pageant is an evening parade that takes place on the water, and it’s full of beautifully illuminated sea creatures and classic Disney and American tunes.  Plus, you won’t even need to leave the Resort to enjoy it!

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However you choose to spend your Resort day at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort, it’s a good idea to decide on a day and plan it in advance.  That way, you can not only look forward to it on hectic days in the Park, but you can also avoid making any dining reservations inside the parks that day and save a bit of money on Park admission.  Enjoy some of the many dining spots in the Resort, or take a ride to Disney Springs or even another Resort for a meal – sometimes that’s the best inspiration for your next hotel at Walt Disney World!

What do you think of Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort? 

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