7 Ways To Thank Walt Disney World Cast Members

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Credit: Disney Tips

Without cast members Walt Disney World wouldn’t be possible. Cast members keep Disney running smoothly and help make your vacation dreams come true. They dedicate their time and talents to help you and your family have a magical time. Here are some ways to let them know that you appreciate them.


7. Simply Say Thank You

It’s sad how often guests don’t thank cast members. If you’re buying something, thank the cashier. If the ride attendant tells you what row to go to, thank them . If you ask for directions, thank them, etc. It’s so simple, but with all the craziness people can forget. It takes two seconds, but it can honestly make their day and make them feel appreciated.

6. Smile

If you see a cast member standing there, smile as you walk by. You don’t even need to stop what you’re doing or where you’re going. The cast member will light up and it will mean a lot to them. If a cast member is standing there waving with a Mickey hand, wave back. If a cast member is standing there with their hand out for a high five, high five them. Cast members can sometimes feel invisible and under appreciated so little things like this can lift them up.

5. Strike Up a Conversation

Now obviously the cast members need to work so don’t take them away from their jobs, but if you’re standing in line waiting and they are there next to you ask them how their day has been. Ask how long they’ve worked for Disney. Small talk can really help them make it through the day.

4. College Program

If you see a cast member with the name of a college on their name tag most likely they are in the college program. Strike up a conversation about their college and what they are studying. Ask how long they’ve been in Florida and how they like it. Even better, if you see someone from a college that you know something about bring that up. Most likely they didn’t know anyone when they first came to Florida so bringing up something familiar can really make it feel more like home.

3. Don’t Take Out Your Frustrations On Cast Members

So your day isn’t going as planned. The weather is bad, the lines are long, or whatever it may be it isn’t the cast members’ fault. Please don’t take out your anger on them. Yes, Disney is expensive, but the cast members did not come up with the ticket price, merchandise price, dining price, etc. It’s sad how often guests take this out on the cast members so think twice before taking out your frustrations on them. Remember that cast members are people too, and they have feelings. If you wouldn’t want someone to say that or act like that towards you, don’t say it or act like that towards them. They are there to help you.


2. Tell Them You Appreciate Them

Actually say that you appreciate them, come right out and say it. It will really mean a lot to them. They are standing outside in the Florida sun so let them know how much you really do appreciate what they are doing. Remember, they have to work nights, weekends and holidays, so they may be missing some important times with family and friends. They may not get to go home to be with their families during the holidays, so give them some extra thanks around those times. It will truly make them feel special and help them make it through their shift.

1. Leave a Compliment

Disney takes compliments very seriously. If you go to Guest Relations you can let them know about a cast member who went above and beyond. Make sure to get their name and where they are from off their name tag and what area they were working in. This is something that is so simple, but can really let them know that they are appreciated and it lets their managers know they are doing a great job.

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