Incident at Disney World Resort Leaves Guest Pronounced Dead

Bay Lake monorail
Credit: Disney

Disney is known to be the most magical place on earth. With that nametag comes plenty of happy memories and, unfortunately, sometimes some bad ones. Walt Disney World Resort is investigating an incident that happened at one of its own property Resorts involving a Disney Guest.

While more reports are still anticipated to come in, this is what we know so far. At Disney World, many Resort options are listed as Value Resorts, Moderate Resorts, Deluxe Resorts, and Deluxe Villas. Disney’s Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort suffered an incident earlier today.

Bay Lake

Credit: Disney

From reports, it has been gathered that a Guest fell or jumped off of Bay Lake Resort. Connecting both Bay Lake and Contemporary Resort is a bridge that allows entrance only on the 5th floor of both Resorts. Inside the Magic detailed, “The 5th-floor bridge to the Contemporary Resort was closed early this morning after the incident occurred.”

Furthermore, witnesses and Guests staying at the Resorts speculated that the incident was severe due to the number of police officers and security on the premise. Even more so, Guests were advised not to go onto their balconies and were redirected to certain areas of the Resort.

Guest and Witness Testimonials

While there has not yet been an official statement from Disney World or officials, Guests took to Twitter and Reddit to share their thoughts. One Guest wrote, “We got a call at 7:30; someone had a medical emergency and not to go on the balconies, and then they had people redirecting us. And then we went outside, and there’s a tent set up right under a balcony, and it’s all taped up. And a bunch of police vans and a van that says crime scene investigators.”

Bay Lake

Credit: Disney

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Many Disney fans took to the comment section to share their condolences and to remind us that everyone has a story and may even be going through something, even if they are in the most magical place on earth. Our thoughts go out to the loved ones affected by this tragedy at Walt Disney World.

As more information is released, check back with Disney Tips for the developed story.

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