Is Disney’s CFO Leaving Because of Bob Iger?

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It was reported earlier this week that the Walt Disney Company’s Chief Financial Officer, Christine McCarthy, was taking a sudden leave of absence.

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The Shocking Announcement

As initially reported, she was stepping down and taking family medical leave, much to the surprise of investors, Disney fans, and the entertainment world.

Having been with the company for over 20 years, Disney CFO Christine McCarthy served most of her tenure under the current Disney CEO, Bob Iger. She was also rumored to be behind ousting former Disney CEO Bob Chapek in 2022 and instrumental in pushing out other top executives in the company, including Peter Rice, the former chairman of Disney’s general entertainment unit.

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Some have also suggested (as recent as December of 2022) that McCarthy could be the next Disney CEO after Bob Iger leaves after his two-year stint (he was only planning to stay on through December 2024).

Did She Create Conflict at Disney?

However, when news broke that the Disney CFO was suddenly taking a leave of absence – with no official plans to return – many speculated there was more to the story. Her departure may be related to her ailing husband, who has been in a healthcare facility since early 2023. But some are skeptical.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Disney’s CFO Christine McCarthy, often clashed with its CEO Bob Iger and other top executives. These disagreements were over company strategies, including the money spent on content and the business’s recent restructuring (she thought there needed to be more cuts and layoffs).

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She reportedly was unafraid to challenge her bosses if she felt they were making a wrong move. Although this quality can be beneficial for a business, it may also have the potential to create conflict, enemies, and resentment within a company.

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The Walt Disney Company has not confirmed that her sudden leave is anything but what has been reported. However, many people wonder if her strong opinions and history of pushing out top execs had something to do with it. And Disney’s stock, loss of streaming subscriptions, and lukewarm box office numbers further the idea that a shake-up in the company’s leadership may be necessary.

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