Is Surge Pricing Coming to Disney?

Is Surge Pricing Coming to Disney?

Peak days in Disney. We love to hate them. The holidays are some of the most special and some the busiest park days. There is an outside chance, or at least a survey floating around, indicating that Disney is considering making these days be more expensive.


Disney has been circulating a survey asking questions about whether guests would pay more for peak days.

The summer, spring break and Christmas are all times that are being considered for higher pricing.

Walt Disney Co. sent out surveys to annual pass holders asking questions that suggest it is considering this change, gauging how they would react to a tiered pricing system, the L.A. Times reports. In Anaheim, Calif.’s Disneyland, a day pass currently costs $99 for those aged 10 and up; under the hypothetical new system, that price would stay the same for off-peak days, but most other, regular days would cost $105, while peak days would cost $115. In Disney World, the Orlando Sentinel reports, the current rate of $105 for ages 10 and up for the Magic Kingdom might remain an option while the most expensive days might cost $125.

The company told both papers that it frequently polls its customers on a wide range of topics, giving little weight to this particular survey.

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