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Do You Know These 6 Facts About Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa?

Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa is an amazing resort. If you have ever gone through the DVC spiel, then you have likely visited this resort. This is also the location for many DVC meetings and gatherings. It is a really reasonable resort for the point value if you are a member, and lower priced compared to other deluxe villas if you book directly from Disney. Do you also know these 6 facts about the resort?


6. The resort was built on the site where the Disney Institute used to be.

The Disney Institute was a concept that Michael Eisner had where guests could have an educational experience while from their resort. It was designed to be a place where guests could learn and build on their own personal development while on vacation. The concept was somewhat based on the Chautauqua Institution in New York. It didn’t seem to really take off as expected, so it made it to the chopping block to close and then reopen at Disney’s Saratoga Springs & Spa in 2004 with a very different look, feel and theme. It also wasn’t a DVC resort as the Disney Institute, but became the 5th Walt Disney World DVC resort when it became Saratoga Springs.

5. Largest DVC resort at Walt Disney World.

The resort isn’t the first or the newest DVC resort on property, but it is the largest. It is the largest in size and the volume of guest rooms that it has. The main areas of the resort total 1,260 guest rooms. Then there are an additional 60 Treehouse Villas that are also part of the resort. Since the location is a DVC location, the rooms are tailored for families and larger groups, so these rooms also typically sleep more guests and have more bedroom options that other guest rooms on property. The resort may be the largest, but the guest rooms themselves are actually among the smallest compared to other DVC properties at Walt Disney World.

4. The Treehouse Villas.

The Treehouse Villas are 3-bedroom locations that are a bit separated from the rest of Saratoga Springs, but are still considered part of the rest of the resort. The Treehouse Villas are much more secluded and have separation between them and the other treehouses. Since the locations house a lot of guests in one location and offer privacy, it is a great option for large parties or family gatherings. The treehouses do come equipped with a kitchen so that you can prepare your own meals, too! The treehouses are raised about 10 feet in the air so you are up in the trees and have amazing views from your deck. This is a great place to come back to after a long day in the parks where you can relax and enjoy the peace and serenity of the treehouses, while still knowing that you have the comforts of modern conveniences close by.

3. Easy access to Disney Springs.

The resort rest across the lake from the whole Disney Springs area. There is a convenient walking path as well as a boat launch that takes guests to and from Disney Springs throughout the day. This makes it extremely easy to shop and enjoy Disney Springs. Not only that, it gives you tons more great options for dining than you already have right at the resort, while still remaining super convenient. I definitely recommend that you branch out and try many of the restaurants at Disney Springs, as there are some amazing ones!

2. You don’t have to be a DVC member to stay here.

Just because this is a DVC resort doesn’t mean that you have to be a DVC member to stay there. You are able to still pay rack rate to book the resort directly from Disney, barring availability from DVC members that do utilize their points to stay there. You could also rent DVC points from a friend or from utilizing one of the DVC rental services that help you secure rented points from members that want to let other guests rent them for a fee. This is still usually much cheaper than booking the resorts at the rack rates directly from Disney.


1. A favorite for golfers and adult crowds.

The resort is located extremely close to amazing golf courses, which is perfect for the golfers in your family. The resort is also themed like Saratoga, New York with a heavy influence on horses and equestrian life. The theme of the resort and the proximity to golf courses and Disney Springs make it one of the perfect resorts for adults who want to enjoy night life as well as staying in an upscale resort. Kids are certainly welcome and regularly stay at the resort, but it is also a great place to consider for an adults-only stay!

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