Do You Know These 6 Points About Disney World’s Epcot?

Epcot is an amazing park with so much to experience. The park is a unique experience and home to a lot of different special events and festivals that bring even more things to do and see at the park. Even though Epcot is a beloved park, there are still a lot of amazing facts and secrets that most guests aren’t aware of. Do you know these 6 points about Epcot:

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6. The park is a nod to one of Walt’s visions.

Walt had a vision to create an amazing city that was sustainable and would have all of the greatest technology, including a dome that went over the city to even control temperature and weather. The city that Walt wanted was one that technology wasn’t even created for yet. He wanted to create new technology and amaze others. Future World at Epcot was the Imagineers’ way of bringing components of this vision to life. Walt never did get to see Epcot, nor oversee the creation of the park, but many of his ideas were incorporated and considered during the construction and development.

5. All countries are created equal.

When each of the country pavilions in the World Showcase were created it was very important to Disney that no country appeared to be more important than any other country. The height and scale of the countries were considered and planned so that the structures at each pavilion were no larger than any other pavilion. Several of the pavilions use forced perspective to make structures appear taller than they are and to get the scale perfect and just how the Imagineers wanted it.

4. Spaceship Earth can fit inside The Seas aquarium.

Next time you are at The Seas with Nemo and Friends, think about how large the aquarium tank is at the pavilion. Believe it or not, the entirety of Spaceship Earth can fit inside of the tank. It is the second largest aquarium in the U.S., too! I would have never thought that it was that large.

3. The statue that was a gift from Japan.

When the Magic Kingdom was built, Japan gave Disney an extremely expensive statue as a gift. Once Epcot was built and the Japan pavilion was created, the statue was relocated and placed at the pavilion to be on display in its new permanent home. This is the absolute perfect place for the statue and to pay appreciation and respect to Japan.

2. Look for The Tower of Terror when in Morocco.

When you look at the Morocco pavilion, look into the background and you will notice the Tower of Terror in the background. When the Tower of Terror was built, the exterior of the attraction was designed so that it would perfectly match and fit in with the buildings in the Morocco pavilion. The Imagineers didn’t want guests at Epcot to see the building in the background and it appear out of place or ruin the perfect theme and experience.

1. Spaceship Earth has a built in drainage system.

When Spaceship Earth was constructed, it was built so that there was a draining system that would drain water into the lagoon at the center of the World Showcase. The purpose of this was so that rainwater wouldn’t run off the sides of Spaceship Earth onto guests, but instead would be perfectly drained to where Disney wanted it to be. It would also prevent standing water and puddles, which could mess up landscaping or create safety issues.

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