Do You Know These 6 Gems About Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge?

My family has called Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge our temporary home numerous times. This is an amazing resort for individuals of all ages and are home to some of the most amazing resort experiences on property. Whether you have stayed there before or not, here are 6 gems that you may not know about this amazing resort:


6 – There is a walkway between Jambo House and Kidani Village.

You are able to enjoy the amenities and restaurants at either resort no matter where you are actually staying (or even if you aren’t actually a guest at the resort). You are able to utilize the bus transportation to go back and forth, but depending on where your room is, it may be a long walk to get to the bus station and then you have to wait for a bus that will take you to the other resort. There is a convenient walkway that only takes about 10 minutes or so to walk back and forth between resorts. This makes it extremely convenient to experience all that the resort has to offer and not just the section that you are staying in.

5 – This is the first and only resort at Walt Disney World to be completely themed after a theme park.

All of the resorts at Walt Disney World have unique and amazing themes, but Animal Kingdom Lodge is the first and only one that was created and themed after one of the amazing theme parks on property. Animal Kingdom opened first and then the resort was created to be an addition to the experience where you can still see and experience the amazing animals right from the resort. You can even stay in rooms that have views of the savanna where you will see giraffes, zebras and other animals right from your guest room. The resort is themed after the Africa section of the theme park and brings African culture to life in every square inch of the resort. Plus, you also get the benefit of the close proximity to Animal Kingdom so you can enjoy the park with only a short bus ride!

4 – The same architect that designed Wilderness Lodge also designed Animal Kingdom Lodge.

You may notice similarities between the lobbies and structure of Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge. Well there is good reason for that as the same talented architect, Peter Dominick, designed both. You can take a tour at Wilderness Lodge about how the resort was created which will hold some similarities and truths to the design used for the impressive Animal Kingdom Lodge. Take a visit to both resorts and see what you think! They are both absolutely amazing resorts in the deluxe resort family.

3 – There are numerous amazing animal activities for free.

This resort is among the highest in value in terms of all of the different activities you can enjoy right at the resort. There are animal encounters, animal education, African musicians, African storytellers and so much more. It really is like you get an opportunity to experience high quality events and experiences for no extra cost. Non-resort guests can also attend if you know where and when to show up for the activities. Watch flamingo feedings, use night goggles to view the animals, hear amazing African folk tales and stories… you will want to experience it all and you can only experience it at Animal Kingdom Lodge


2 – The art at the resort is museum quality.

The next time you are at the resort, pay special attention to all of the art around the resort. There are actually almost 400 different pieces of museum quality art around various public areas of the resort. Not only that, the collection of art is the largest collection of museum African art outside of Africa. Disney spares no expense when it comes to preserving the theme and creating experiences that can’t be replicated anywhere else. This even extends to the art that is displayed. There are also cultural ambassadors from African available to answer questions and share African history with you that is depicted in many of the art pieces.

1 – There are over 200 animals at the location.

That is a lot of animals! Just at the resort alone, not counting the animals that are at the Animal Kingdom theme park, there are over 200 animals. They roam the savanna at the resort day and night. These animals represent around 30 different species, so that gives you a great opportunity to see a lot of different African native animals. There are guides and cast in the lobbies that can help you spot and identify the beautiful animals and tell you more about each of the species, such as life expectancy, favorite foods, etc.

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