Do You Know These 6 Points About Disney’s Beach Club?

The Beach Club is definitely a favorite resort for many. It is absolutely beautiful and looks like the picture of the combination of beach and elegance from the moment that you walk in. If you haven’t stayed here, you definitely need to add this to your resort bucket list and plan a stay very soon. Here are 6 points that you may not know about Disney’s Beach Club:


6. There is a mini-waterpark at the resort.

Seriously, the pool area at the resort is truly like a waterpark. You have the kiddie water slide and play area, the shipwreck slide, beach entry with sand-bottom pool, a humongous pool and the lazy river. The secluded hot tub area is also perfect for adults looking for a little bit of relaxation. This is a great value, since you wouldn’t even need to pay admission to one of the water parks if you didn’t want to. You have tons of great water activities that are fun for all age’s right from your resort only a quick walk away from your room. That is definitely a huge perk of the resort and a sight you won’t believe until you are actually there! Just remember that this pool area is extremely popular and you can only enjoy the pool and activities if you are actually staying at the resort.

5. The main pool was originally meant to hold fish in it, too.

Crazy, right? When the sand-bottomed pool was designed the original intention is that there would be beautiful fish swimming in the pool with you, too. This definitely would have made an extremely unique experience but it didn’t work out. The filtration system for the pool wasn’t able to filter out sunscreen and lotions from the water, which ultimately killed the fish. The concept just didn’t seem to work so they had to nix the idea of fish living in the pool.

4. Standard rooms actually sleep 5 people.

This may not sound like a big deal to some of us, but if you are a 5 person family, you definitely understand the struggle. Many of the rooms at other deluxe resorts only sleep 4 guests comfortably, so you have to spend more for a larger room, suite or villa that can accommodate the family size. These rooms are able to comfortably sleep 5, so that can end up saving you money compared to other resorts if you stay at the Beach Club.

3. The Kitchen Sink.

The amazing Beaches and Cream ice cream shop is at the Beach Club. You absolutely have to try The Kitchen Sink when you are there. This is one of those desserts that you may want to consider having for a meal. It is huge, even when you share with 4 or more people. It is a challenge in itself to see if you can actually finish it. The treat is served in what looks to be an actual kitchen sink. If you think you can handle it, maybe you should take a look at many of the items included in this huge dessert:
Fudge, butterscotch, strawberry, pineapple and peanut butter topping
Cinnamon spice cupcake
Angel food cupcake
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate ice cream
Strawberry ice cream
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Coffee ice cream
Marshmallow crème
Whipped cream
Candy bars
Oreo cookies
Dark and white chocolate shavings
Milk chocolate and peanut butter chips
Chocolate and rainbow sprinkles
Maraschino cherries
Think you have what it takes? It is definitely delicious! And if you are staying at the Beach Club, you can waddle back to your room for a nap right after.


2. You can use the Epcot World Showcase entrance even when the World Showcase isn’t open yet.

The transportation to the parks is definitely a great perk of the resort. The resort offers boat transportation to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and to the World Showcase entrance at Epcot. Each day the World Showcase typically doesn’t open until around 11AM, while the rest of the park opens at 8 or 9AM. You can still use the World Showcase entrance from the resort, though. The entrance will be open and typically has far shorter lines. This helps you get into the park and you will be a quick walk away from Future World attractions so you can start your day. This is definitely a huge convenience.

1. You can see Epcot fireworks from multiple locations.

There is something extra magical about opportunities to watch the firework shows from locations outside of the park, especially right from your resort. If you head out to the beach area at Beach Club, you will be able to watch and enjoy Epcot fireworks right from there. This is great when you have tired kids and want to get out of the parks early and not get caught in the crowds. If you head on over to the Boardwalk, you can actually see Magic Kingdom fireworks right from the Boardwalk, too!

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