Do You Know These 6 Secrets About Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort?

Christy Caby

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort is a guest favorite. The resort is really kid-friendly with a very recognizable theme that is fun for boys and girls of all ages. Pirates are popular, and while the resort isn’t necessarily all pirate-themed, the perfect Caribbean details help you imagine what it might have been like to be in one of the cities where pirates might have frequented. Here are 6 secrets about Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort that you may not know:


6. The resort can sleep a lot of guests!

This resort is one of the largest on property in terms of size as well as how many rooms there are. This resort boasts 2,112 total guest rooms across the 6 different “villages” that make up the resort. That is a lot of guests that can call the resort “home” while they are staying on property. This can also mean that depending on where you are staying, you may have a long walk to get to the main building, restaurants and/or bus transportation.

5. There are no elevators in any of the buildings.

In the “value” and “deluxe” resort properties, guests are familiar with there being elevators in each of the buildings. This is not the case at Caribbean beach (a “moderate” resort). None of the many different 3-story buildings have elevators, so you will be taking the stairs. If that is a concern for you or if you have a handicap or disability, then you will want to make sure that you specify that at booking and again at check-in to be placed on the 1st floor.

4. Lots of fun activities are available.

The resort may be in the “moderate” category, but it still has a ton of great amenities to offer. You of course have the pools and games each day that the cast members conduct in the pool area. In addition to that you have relaxation areas, multiple playgrounds, an arcade, campfires on the beach, bike rentals and so much more. There are tons of fun activities and amenities that you can enjoy right from your resort, which is gives you a great opportunity to relax and still enjoy the magic while on a break from the theme parks.

3. There are amazing pirate-themed rooms.

This is the only resort that offers pirate themed guest rooms. If you have a pirate fan in your household or you are looking for a unique experience, then you definitely want to try to stay in one of these rooms. The rooms are completely decked out in swashbuckling theming. The bed are designed to look like pirate ships! They made sure that every detail in the room from the barrel refrigerator to the pirate schools in the frame around the mirror perfect executed the pirate theme. It is important to remember that these rooms are located fairly far from the center of the resort and main buildings, so you will have some extra walking to get from place to place around the resort.

2. There is no swimming at the beach, but there are 9 pools!

There are beautiful beach areas with hammocks, seating and décor that helps you feel like you are in the middle of the Caribbean. Just remember that there is actually no swimming allowed in the water (actually lake water) at the beach area. Have no fear though, there are 9 total pools scattered all around the resort. You are sure to have a pool fairly close to the building you are staying in, and even better, you can swim in any pool you like on property. The main pool is equipped with a huge pirate ship and slide, a water playground and so much fun! You can have fun pool hopping right from own resort to get as much water play as you and your family can handle!


1. Caribbean Cay!

This is an amazing area that is located close to Aruba and Jamaica within the resort. The area includes a huge playground for the kiddos to play on and run out their energy. It’s also great for kids of all ages so it’s a great opportunity for the adults to rest while the kids play to their heart’s content. Even better, there is an amazing area with hammocks, picnic tables and views of the water. This makes it the perfect place to relax and enjoy amazing views and beauty of the resort as a family. You can bring a picnic and just enjoy the space!

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