Do You Know These 6 Secrets About Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

Credit: Disney Tips

There are so many different secrets all across Walt Disney World Resort. Many of them are right inside the walls of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. (Another fun fact, it actually used to be Disney-MGM Studios until 2008. Now it is rumored that the park will be getting another name change with all of the attractions changes occurring all around the park.) Here are 6 of my favorites! Do you know these 6 secrets about the park?:


6. 13 actually is a lucky number!

Have you ever walked up to Tower of Terror and noticed that the wait time says 13 minutes? Well, this actually means that the attraction is a walk on with little to no wait! The attraction incorporates 13 into as many elements of the attractions as possible, and this is one of our favorites! So if you see 13 it’s your lucky day and you may want to go ahead and ride the attraction a couple times while you can!

5. The Mickey at the entrance of the park is a lightning rod.

Right when you walk into the park, you will notice the circular gift shop stand with a large pole and Mickey at the very top. Would you believe that Mickey is actually 5’3” tall? I was shocked by this since he doesn’t seem that big! An even cooler fact is that his right ear is made out of solid copper. The purpose of this is to be a lightning rod so that if lighting should strike, it would be attracted to him instead of anywhere else in the area. Way to take one for the team, Mickey!

4. Steven Tyler…. Inappropriate or coincidence?

On the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster pre-show there is a section before you board where Aerosmith is in the studio and will then invite you to the show. During that scene, Steven Tyler will put his hand on his head like he is looking out in the crowd and then makes a gesture with his hand where he has 4 fingers straight and then bends the finger next to the pinky finger that resembles a popular crude gesture. I won’t tell you what it is, but I have to believe that it wasn’t a coincidence and was his way adding a little joke to the attraction to see if people would catch it. Fortunately, I doubt most kids would notice! I have on the other hand ridden the attraction where several adults notice and comment on it… I am shocked it has remained a part of the clip since 1999. I can tell you that if you try to replicate this gesture while you ride the ride, your picture will be mysteriously “lost” when you go to look for it, so don’t bother.

3. The airplane on The Great Movie Ride is missing its back end.

So during the Casablanca scene you will notice airplane as a part of this iconic moment in the film. The airplane is actually a real airplane, but it is missing the back half. Well, if you head on over the Jungle Cruise, you will find the back half of this very airplane in that attraction. Disney made the most of the expense from purchasing an airplane by using it in two different attractions!


2. Look under the mat at MuppetVision 3D.

This is such a fun like secret to find! When you approach the entrance to the attraction, you will reach a sign that says “back in 5 minutes” and underneath that is “key is under mat”. If you look under the mat there you will find that there really is a key! It is so awesome the lengths that Disney goes to in order to complete the theme and the magic. Be sure to let your kiddos look for this one, since they will just love getting to pick up the mat and actually finding the key there!

1. How deep do you think the water at Fantasmic is?

You would think with the nature of the show that the water would be somewhat deep right? Like at least a few feet if nothing else. Well, it is actually only 1.5 feet deep! But to put it in perspective for just how large the moat that surrounds the mountain is, the entire moat holds around 1.9 million gallons of water. That is still a TON of water even though it is pretty shallow!

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