Do You Know These 5 Tips About Disney’s Vacation Club?

Maybe you are considering a DVC membership, or maybe you are just interested in what being a DVC member means. Either way, there are a lot of perks and advantages that come along with being a member. The membership includes various perks that help make your trips more enjoyable and/or affordable than if you were paying the rack rate prices for everything. It is amazing the level of care that Disney gives to DVC members! Here are 5 tips about Disney’s Vacation Club that you may not know:


5. You can rent points or buy your membership on resale.

You can definitely purchase a membership directly from Disney, but you also have other options you can consider. You could decide to just rent points instead of purchasing your own membership. Point rentals are still a discount from the rack rate and could make more financial sense than purchasing a block of points, depending on your travel habits and needs. You will have to research and find a reputable point rental broker that you can work with to rent points. They will publish their price per point and calculators to use in order to calculate what your stay would cost at each DVC resort. You could also decide to buy points on resale instead of buying directly through Disney. This can result in a nice chunk of savings rather than buying direct. Depending on the terms of the sale compared to the promotions that Disney is running, you will have to be careful to weigh all options before you make your decision. Many choose to buy resale because they end up with a significant savings and they are able to buy points at the resort of their choice which may no longer have availability to purchase directly from Disney.

4. You get discounts on dining and merchandise.

As a DVC member you receive 10% off at several table service dining locations and most gift shops on property. This can add up to a significant savings for your family if you do a lot of shopping and dining while on property. Every little bit of savings adds up, right? Just keep in mind that you do have to be a member and will have to show your member ID card in able to be eligible for the discount.

3. You can use the points all over the world.

You aren’t just limited to the resort where your membership is deeded. You are eligible for all DVC resorts at all Disney locations around the world. You can also use your points to book on the cruise line as well. Not only that, you can transfer the points into the RCI network and use them at resorts all around the world at thousands of locations. This gives you the opportunity to use your membership to go all over the world and have the greatest flexibility in selecting your vacation destinations.

2. You get discounts on special events, tours and experiences.

So not only do you get the dining and merchandise discounts, but you also get discounts on private tours, special events, recreation activities, child care center, spa services, etc. It helps to make all of the extra experiences more affordable when you are on property, which allows you to experience more of what Walt Disney World has to offer. These discounts can be pretty significant for the avid Disney traveler!


1. Lots of special events and gatherings only for members.

DVC members are invited to experience tons of different exclusive events, parties, meals, etc. There is always something going on. There is usually a standing weekly meet-up session where guest can go for snacks and to engage with other members. Events are organized regularly for some really unique experiences and meals all over property. It is a great perk to the membership and another way to experience Disney with other Disney fans and members.

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