Do You Know These 6 Tips About Shopping at Walt Disney World?

Shopping is one of the best parts of a Disney vacation. It is so fun to look at all the amazing merchandise and the perfectly themed gift shops. It’s even more fun to actually buy stuff to bring back home to enjoy after you leave your vacation. Even shopping has its tips and secrets that the pros know about to get the most out of their shopping experience. Do you know these 6 tips about shopping at Walt Disney World?


6. Package delivery options

Don’t want to carry your packages with you? Well you don’t have to! You have a few different options for handling your packages when you are in the parks. You can obviously carry the merchandise with you if you want, but you can also let Disney do the hauling. You can choose to send your packages to the front of the park via Package Pick-Up at the front of the park. You will want to make sure that you will be at the park for at least 2 more hours to give your package time to be delivered to the front of the park for pickup. If you are staying at a Disney resort and aren’t checking out within the next day, you can have the packages sent directly to your resort where you can pick them up at the gift shop. This is also super convenient and an easy way to get all of your purchases in your place. You could also elect to have your purchases shipped directly to your house, if you don’t think you will have the space to bring it home with you during your travel. Just note that you will want to hold onto your receipts in all scenarios. You also must keep in mind that Package Pick-Up and Resort Delivery are free service, but there will be an added charge for shipping to your house.

5. Look for add-on purchases with a set purchase amount.

When you are different stores look at the signs behind the registers. There are usually offers where if you make a $25 or $50 purchase you can purchase items like duffel bags, tote bags, beach towels, etc. for a pretty reasonable price. The items are only available for purchase when you take advantage of these deals, so if you really like the design or the item then you will want to organize your purchases so that you meet the buying threshold in order to complete your purchase.

4. The merchandise varies from store to store.

It can be a common misconception that if you see something you like that you will find it later in a different store. This may be the case for some items, but many items, especially specific character, ride or park merchandise, is only available at certain stores. If you see something you like and aren’t sure if you will be back at that store again later, then you may want to grab it. Disney is pretty flexible with their return policy, especially if you hold onto the receipt. You can always return it if you change your mind later. It can save you a lot of time and heartache if you are on the hunt later for the item that you just had to have.

3. Special event and limited merchandise.

Every event, party, season and holiday at Disney has special merchandise that is only available during that time. These same events may also have limited edition merchandise where there are limited quantities of these items available for sale. If you are a collector or you love a particular season or event, you will definitely want to look for this merchandise. There will usually be promotional posters up in the gift shops or even ads in the park maps or event guides for the limited merchandise. You can also read about limited merchandise on the Disney Parks Blog, too.

2. Use the Shop Disney Parks app.

The Shop Disney Parks app is really handy for looking for items that you want and determining which store they can be found in. If you know you saw something you wanted but can’t remember the store, you can search for the item and then find all of the stores that have it and the quantity they have in stock. You can even check the quantity in sizes, which is really helpful for clothing items, so that you know before you go if they have the size that you are looking for. We have found the app very helpful and easy to use, and a definite time saver for various purchases.


1. Check for discounts!

There are several discounts that are offered. Be sure to ask at the register what discounts they accept. If you are a DVC member, annual/season pass holder, cast member, Disney Visa card holder, etc. there are various discounts available at most merchandise locations. Be sure to ask what all they accept so that you can get the best discount possible on your purchases. Every little bit helps, right? I know I love any kind of savings!

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