Do You Know These 6 Tips About Snacks At Walt Disney World?

For us Disney foodies, snacks are a part of the Disney experience. We have our favorites and we crave them in between each trip until we get to enjoy them again. We follow the blogs and updates in order to see what new snacks are available and where to find them. They really are THAT good! There are also many things to understand and keep in mind when it comes to snacks and paying for snacks. Here are 6 tips that you may not know about snacks at Walt Disney World:


6. Dining plan snack entitlements and options.

Yes, that is right… the Disney Dining plans include snack entitlements as part of the plan! 2 snack entitlements per person, per night of your stay! This makes the dining plans an even greater value and makes sure that each member of the family can sample a delicious Disney treat every day of your vacation, too! When you are at different locations, you will be able to tell if a particular snack option is eligible for use on the Dining plan because they will have the Dining Plan logo next to the item on the menu. It makes it very easy to quickly tell if you can use your snack entitlements on the item and if the location accepts Disney Dining plans.

5. There are tons of healthy snack options.

I think that guests assume that most snacks around the park are fatty, sugary and high calorie. You can definitely find many treats that meet these qualifications (and boy are they delicious), but you can also find numerous healthy options to help ensure that you have balanced treats while you in the parks. You can even find fruit, vegetables, yogurt, and etc. while in the parks, and they are also options that are included on the Disney Dining plan.

4. Snacks can definitely be a meal.

Using snack options as a meal can be a great way to save money or save up Dining Plan entitlements to use for other meals. Snacks are so much more than just sugary treats or chips, there are so many other amazing things that you can get. If you go to Epcot, you can snack your way from country to country. Each country has snack options that are native to the country. You can also find similar small plate type snack options at all of the parks of all types of cuisines. In Animal Kingdom you can visit the Harambe market and experience tastes of various African street food dishes. The snacks and smaller meals you can have are amazing and much less than the cost of a full quick service or table service meal.

3. You can check the ingredients.

Many aren’t aware that the quick service locations actually have books that you can request to view which contain the ingredients of all of the selections. If you have a food allergy or a particular dietary need, this is how you can be sure that what you are dining on is safe to meet your needs. If you don’t feel like reviewing the book, you can also ask a cast member or speak to a manager. They will help to be sure that the item or items in question will meet your needs and won’t risk any issues to your diet.


2. Don’t let snack entitlements go to waste.

If you reach the end of your trip and still have snack or meal entitlements, don’t let them go to waste. Meal entitlements can be converted to 3 snack entitlements. You can then use these snack entitlements and any other entitlements you have left to get treats to bring home. There are many pre-packaged cookies, candies, cakes, etc. that you can use your entitlements on to bring home. This can be a great way to bring souvenirs and gifts back for others, or just bring something to keep the magic alive when you get home and are missing Disney!

1. You don’t have to buy snacks in the park.

While the snacks are delicious and there are hundreds of different snack options all over the parks, you don’t HAVE to buy any snacks if you are hungry. You are allowed to bring your own snacks into the park, which can help you save a lot of money. This is also great for kids or picky eaters that only like certain items. You are even allowed to bring coolers into parks if you have snacks that you need to keep cold, you will just want to make sure that you review the current requirements for how large and what types of coolers are allowed to be brought in.

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