Do You Know These 6 Points About Walt Disney World’s Deluxe Villas?

The Deluxe resorts are all absolutely stunning and beautifully themed to create the most amazing, immersive experiences.  You may not know much about the difference between the deluxe resorts and the deluxe resorts, but you are about to!  One of the best things about the villas is that you get all of the perks and differences of the villas while still enjoying all of the recreation and activities that the resort has to offer.  Do you know these 6 points about the deluxe villas at Walt Disney World?:


6. They are all part of Disney’s Vacation Club (DVC).

The Deluxe Villas are a part of Disney’s “best kept secret” the Disney Vacation Club.  The villas are almost like their own resort within the parent deluxe resort. The rooms are typically in a separate area of the resort all grouped together.  This keeps all of the various amenities and services that are exclusive to the villas in their own location.  The building maintenance and services are paid for by the annual dues that are paid by the DVC members that have ownership at the resort, which is slightly different than the rest of the resort that they are a part of.

5. You don’t have to be a DVC member to stay there.

So we just talked about how the villas are owned and managed by the Disney Vacation Club, but believe it or not, you don’t actually have to be a DVC member in order to stay there.  The rooms are first available to DVC members 11 months in advance of their stay for the members that are actually deeded at the specific resort.  Then all other DVC members are able to book at any resort, not just the resort they are deeded at, 7 months in advance of their stay.  Rooms still end up in the reservation inventory for all guests.  If you do searches for villas on the Disney website, especially around 6 months or sooner out, you will likely find options to stay in the Villas during your stay.  Rooms are still booked as any other rooms in the online booking tools and via authorized Disney travel agents.  Another way to secure a villa is to consider renting DVC points.  There are many reputable point resellers out there that will help you use rented points to book a stay at one of the villas.  Many times this option will be cheaper than booking directly with Disney and you still get all of the same perks as you would if you booked direct.

4. You can do your own laundry.

In the villas, there will either be a washer and dryer in your room, or there will be washers and dryers that are available for your use.  The supplies that are supplied inside of the villas even include detergent, which will be replaced if you need extra detergent.  This can be a great help so that you can pack a little bit lighter.  We also loved this so that we took almost all clean clothes home with us.  It made unpacking and getting back to the real world much easier than going home with a whole pile of dirty clothes that would need to be washed before they could be put away. The housekeeping schedule and services are quite different.

3. Housekeeping is very different at the villas. 

The help keep these costs under control for DVC members, housekeeping service aren’t daily.  The amount and type of cleaning service that you receive is based on the length of your stay.  If you are staying 7 or less nights in a villa, you would get the “Trash and Towel” service on Day 4.  This means that they will empty the trash cans, give you fresh towels and all toiletries and replenish all of the detergents, dishwasher fluid and coffee supplies.  If you are staying more than 7 nights, you will get a full cleaning service on Day 4 and then the “Trash and Towel” service on Day 8.  The full cleaning would take place again on Day 12 if the stay is that long and continue in this cadence every 4 days.  This is quite different from all other rooms on property where housekeeping visits daily.  If you like daily housekeeping, one of the villas may not be for you.


2. There are kitchens in the rooms.

This can help create a huge savings for your family.  Most of the rooms are equipped with a fully stocked kitchen or at least a smaller kitchenette.  This gives your family the options of dining in your room for many of your meals with the ability to cook a full, delicious meal for your family.  You can either have groceries delivered directly from Disney, go shopping in the market at your resort or consider one of the offsite grocery delivery services so that you won’t have to bother with shopping while you are there.  You can keep your family’s favorites on hand so that you can spend less money in the park on meals and save your money for souvenirs or more nights on property!

1. There are lots of room types and views available.

The Deluxe Villas locations you could stay in while at Walt Disney World are located at Saratoga Springs, Old Key West, Polynesian, Bay Lake Tower at Contemporary Resort, Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Beach Club, Yacht Club and Disney’s Boardwalk.  This gives a lot of great options to choose from.  Each of these resorts offer amazing views and resort rooms.  The rooms at each of the resorts include Studio, 1-Bedroom Villas and 2-Bedroom Villas that are available for guests to stay in.  These options make it easy to accommodate families of all sizes within the same space. The view options vary depending on the resort.  The Magic Kingdom area resorts offer the possibility of amazing theme park views, which include views of the fireworks.  At Animal Kingdom Lodge you have the opportunity to stay in a savanna view room, where you have animals right outside of your balcony.  All of the resorts are stunning and offer great views of the grounds and the areas around them.

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