Make a Ewok “Fairy” House for Your Yard

We have all seen the fairy houses that bring a little spark of magic to lawns, but now you can create your very own Ewok house. You can reuse materials from around the home to help bring this rustic home right into your neighborhood.


What You’ll Need

  • Large, clean yogurt or sour cream container
  • Coffee stirrer sticks (unused)
  • Sticks gathered from outside
  • Twine
  • Thin craft foam sheets
  • Dark brown acrylic paint
  • Small container for paint mixing
  • Water
  • Permanent marker
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush

Step 1: Begin by drawing a rectangle about two inches wide into the back of the container. Cut out the shape so that the house will rest flush against the tree.

Step 2: Draw and cut a small circle for the door on the front-facing side.

Step 3: Hot glue coffee stirrer sticks around the container to make the inner layer of the house. Trim the stirrers around the door edge. (Scissors should easily cut the stirrer sticks.)

Step 4: Mix the dark brown paint with water to make a light wash. Paint the glued coffee stirrer sticks with the wash and let dry completely.


Step 5: Next, hot glue the sticks you gathered to the coffee stirrers you painted.

Step 6: Glue two or three pieces of twine around and inside the door frame. Cut the twine at the bottom of the door for a neat finish.

Step 7: Next, cut a strip of craft foam (or glue small pieces together) that’s long enough to wrap once around the top of the house. Glue the ends together.

Step 8: Break the coffee stirrer sticks in half. Hot glue them around the house on top of the craft foam, lining up the unbroken ends with the top edge.


Step 9: Cut a large circle from the craft foam. Cut a small slice from the circle, and then wrap it around to create a cone shape. Hot glue the cone shape together.

Tip: The roof can be as tall or wide as you like, but make sure the base completely covers the top of the house.

Step 10: Snap just one end of the coffee stirrers before hot gluing them around the roof.

Step 11: Trim the top point of the roof as needed.

Step 12: Fill in any gaps or add more layers as desired with more stirrers until there is no craft foam showing through.

Step 13: Paint the roof with the dark brown paint wash and let dry completely.

Step 14: Set the roof on top of the house; hot glue it to the top if you’d like to keep it all in one piece. Your Ewok house is ready to go outside!


About Jennifer Retzlaff

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