Make an Adorable Minnie Witch Caramel Apple Pumpkin

Credit: DisneyParks Blog and Disney Family

Disney Parks have so many unique holiday treats and we can’t get enough of them when visiting. One of the cutest treats available at the parks is the Minnie witch caramel apple. This adorable treat can now be a pumpkin design at your home. Disney Family shares how we can all have our very own pumpkin that looks just like the Minnie Witch Caramel Apple from the Disney Park.


This no carve pumpkin is a great way to bring some Disney Park magic to your home.

What You’ll Need

  • -Medium pumpkin with stem attached
  • -2 styrofoam balls
  • -Wooden dowel
  • -Round glass pebbles
  • -Craft foam sheet, purple and orange
  • -Acrylic paint, orange, white, purple, brown, purple glitter
  • -Paintbrushes
  • -Hot glue
  • -Scissors
  • -Painter’s tape
  • -Large coffee filter
Credit: Disney Family
  1. Carve small indents on the bottom of both styrofoam balls, then paint them brown. Paint the glass pebbles orange and the wooden dowel white. You will need 2-3 coats on everything. Let dry between coats.

2. Paint your pumpkin with a white base coat. Let dry.

Credit: Disney Family

3. Cut the purple craft foam into a witch hat shape. Cut the orange foam into a bow shape and thin rectangle. You can print an internet bow template to help guide you.

Credit: Disney Family

4. To form the bow, take the bow-shaped orange foam by the two middle edges and glue them together. Wrap the orange foam rectangle around the middle of the glued-together part of the bow, and hot glue it in place in the back. Use your index finger to push the bows in, securing with hot glue. Glue the bow to the bottom of the purple hat.

Credit: Disney Family

5. Wrap the painter’s tape around the middle of your pumpkin to help make a straighter edge. Paint the top half brown, remove tape, and let dry. You can use a small paintbrush and white paint to clean up the edges. Paint the bottom half with the purple paint until the white base coat is fully covered. Once dry, apply the purple glitter acrylic paint on top.


6. Glue the orange pebbles in a zigzag high-low pattern on the purple area.

7. Glue the wooden dowel behind the pumpkin stem. Next, glue the foam balls on top for the ears. Attach the hat in front to cover the stem.

8. Place your finished pumpkin on top of a coffee filter for display.

Credit: Disney Family

How adorable is this Minnie Witch Caramel Apple Pumpkin? So creative and a great way to bring a little Disney Park magic to the holiday season! Will you give it a try?

Source: Disney Family

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