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New Nametags Surprise Disney Cast Members

For over 50 years, nametags have been an esteemed tradition at the Walt Disney World Resort, embodying the spirit of Disney magic.

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Starting May 16 2023, Walt Disney World Resort Cast Members will don a fresh addition to their costumes—an all-new nametag!

Cast members embrace the opportunity to be part of something extraordinary, where enchantment and uniqueness converge, and these nametags serve as a tangible symbol that connects Disney and its Guests.

A New Design

Joshua Winchester, the talented costume designer, poured his creative vision into the design of the new Walt Disney World nametag. Drawing inspiration from the wondrous combination of shimmering stars and the whimsical power of pixie dust, the result is a nametag that exudes pure magic.

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“The singular, golden star above Cinderella Castle represents our cast who are the guiding light of the Walt Disney World Resort,” said Joshua, “while the field of stars represents that little sprinkling of pixie dust our cast carry while making magic for our guests.”

The dreamy shades of misty blue in the design draw inspiration from the enchanting color palette of the beloved Disney animated classic, “Cinderella.” To add a touch of enchantment, the nametag is also adorned with a glossy finish over the stars, creating a subtle glimmer and sparkle that catches the light.

Walt Disney World Cast Members

Credit: Disney

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To celebrate their new nametags, Cast Members can now enjoy a unique interactive lens, courtesy of the magical abilities of Disney PhotoPass Service and Tinker Bell!

A Classic Costume Element

For decades, Disney nametags have played a vital role in fostering a welcoming and family-friendly environment between Cast Members and Guests, proudly displaying their names and hometowns.

At Disney, every individual strives to turn ordinary days into extraordinary ones, leaving a lasting impression through heartfelt smiles, friendly waves, and the creation of treasured memories. Visitors from around the globe will witness Cast Members donning their new nametags, spreading joy and happiness with every step.

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