5 Unique Reasons to Visit Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

Oui! Disney is known for its magical experiences. Walt Disney started his vision with Disneyland in California. Shortly after the creation of Disneyland came Walt Disney World. After the two domestic locations, Disney was taken overseas to share love and magic with the rest of the world. The Walt Disney Company now has Parks in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Paris. ...

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Watch Magic Kingdom Transform for Mickey’s Halloween Party

Mickey Halloween

The fall season is just around the corner! Starting today, Disney World is decorated and ready for the autumn foliage festivities. Disney World puts on Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party to celebrate the spooky holiday and overall season of fall. Disney World decorates Magic Kingdom, where the Halloween Party is held with Mickey-shaped pumpkins, leaves, and more orange fun. Disney World ...

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Is Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ Causing a Stir?

Marvel Secret Invasion Nick Fury

It has taken over 15 years, but Samuel L. Jackson finally got his own Marvel show. Marvel Studios, Secret Invasion (2023) puts Nick Fury firmly in the spotlight. The Skrulls, a shape-shifting alien species, plan to take over Earth by stealing the faces of humans (I never thought that would ever be a sentence I write).  RELATED: Marvel Cinematic Universe ...

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Heat Advisory Makes Visiting Disney World Dangerous

Max from Goofy movie

Disney World is heating up, literally! Orlando, Florida, is facing record-high heat this week, raising some concerns about visiting “The Most Magical Place On Earth”. Disney World is in Central Florida, where the weather is warm nearly year-round. During the summer, humidity is rising, making mid-day a tough time to be outside and enjoy the Florida sun. Disney World is ...

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One of the Oldest Disney Fans Takes a Trip Down Memory Lane

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

It’s difficult to spend any real amount of time on Twitter without losing your faith in humanity. But every once in a while, a tweet can put a smile on your face. It’s good to be reminded of the fun and some of the nostalgia we share for Disney. As much as the latest and greatest Disney releases can make ...

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Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Timeline Decoded: A Beginner’s Guide

Captain America

I’m not a Marvel nerd; I’m arriving late to the party. However, my kids are becoming increasingly obsessed with the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). That means I have to get caught up and become a nerd before I get left behind by my children—every father’s nightmare. If you are joining the party late, like I am, the Marvel Cinematic Universe ...

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The Evilest Female Disney Villains of All Time

Mother Gothel

We love Disney for its incredible and likable heroes, but the antagonist often steals the show. Who doesn’t love a good villain? From a malignant sorcerer to a diamond-obsessive New Yorker, Disney has crafted some of the best villains in movie history. Greedy, unscrupulous, and outright hilarious. In this article, we will handpick our favorite evil female Disney villains of ...

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