Planet Hollywood Observatory Review At Walt Disney World

Planet Hollywood in Disney Springs was closed for months and remodeled for a whole new experience! Check out my review below:


Now a side note, I am a vegetarian and do not drink alcohol, but was able to see and take pictures of all the food and drinks coming out. I was also there with people who blog for other sites and was able to get their opinions on the other foods.

Our server was Chuck and he was absolutely amazing. He was so nice and hilarious, he really made the experience wonderful for all of us. I told him from the beginning that I am a vegetarian and he made sure that he had all the facts right about what was and wasn’t vegetarian. I also said that I don’t drink and he went and got me a nonalcoholic Pluto’s Tea, which in my opinion tasted okay but was nothing great.

The appetizers started with The Hummus Trio with three different types of hummus. It was served with herb flatbread. This is the only vegan option on the menu. The other appetizers that were brought to the table were the World Famous Chicken Crunch and Highroller Platter. That was brought to the table on a Ferris wheel and was quite a sight.

The two vegetarian entree items available to us were the Citrus Kale Salad and Morgan’s Veggie Burger. First, the citrus kale salad was a very large salad with chopped kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, grapefruit and orange slices, cranberries, sunflower seeds and feta cheese. It was all topped with agave dressing. It was very light and refreshing, and definitely great if you want a healthier option. The other entree that I was able to try was Morgan’s Veggie Burger. This entree is one of Guy Fieri’s creations. It was a very tasty veggie burger that definitely is not trying to taste like a hamburger. It’s served with lettuce, tomato, and onion, on a wheat bun. It also comes with a side of seasoned fries. Overall, I was very impressed.


One of the other guests at my table ordered the BBQ Ribs. It was served on a miniature picnic table. He said they were good, but nothing great. It was a rather large serving so come hungry if you order this. Another guest ordered the Sesame Ginger Salmon. One of the employees said that this was one of his favorites. She said it was good, but underseasoned. It came with rice and green beans on the side.

After all that food I was completely full, but next came dessert. As the servers brought out the desserts all we could do was stare. There were three different milkshakes to choose from. The Cosmic Cotton Candy is served with real cotton candy and a lollipop on top. The Strawberry Big Bang is served with a slice of birthday cake on top. Last, but not least, was the Chocolate Comet. It has brownie and candy pieces. The other dessert that was brought to our table was the Brownie Sundae Martini. I tried some of this and boy, is it sweet. It is vanilla ice cream, chocolate and caramel sauce, brownies, and lots and lots of whip cream. It is served in a giant martini glass. This dessert is definitely large enough for your whole group to share.

At the end of the night Andy, the Executive Chef, came out and introduced himself to the table. He was extremely friendly and really seem to love and take pride in what he does.

Overall, I was very impressed by the new Planet Hollywood Observatory. If you are able to stop by, make sure you walk around the restaurant and see all of the memorabilia. There are also giant screens that play music videos, so the restaurant is quite loud. It really is a fun setting, though. Make sure to check out the patio for an incredible view of Disney Springs, which also has some outdoor seating.

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